The Yogi Mechanism

The Yogi Mechanism

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

10 August 2008

This document is written by the Christ / Shri Kalki Incarnation Who works mainly behind the scenes before the Revelation 12 “birth” occurs and My transformation reaches first stage completion. The final stage will be complete when all of the sweeter, more balanced, calmer people in Humanity have been lifted up in deep meditation, 2013.
This document has quotes from the Bible, and no other source, and is not infringing on any copywrite protected material.

The Power of Kundalini is Desire, and when focused through Sushumna, She could melt a thousand planets in an instant, and only Spirit is capable of handling such Power, and likewise, only such Power can awaken Spirit. The Human being is given that certain amount of Desire Power, each the same, and when that Power of Desire is split up into any other type of ‘object of desire’, anything but Spirit, then Kundalini and relative attention and consciousness fan out and become weakened. As if somebody was holding a garden hose, the objective is achieved with the simple effort of aiming the hose in the correct direction. So it is with using the focused Pure Desire through a silent consciousness, that there is no involvement, one doesn’t have to throw the water all the time, just simply aim it and bring the fanned out and dispersed Power of the Holy Water of Kundalini to a single point of Desire for Spirit in a detached, passive manner.

You see, as I began to free My Spirit on 31 August 2003 when I first held My hands to Our Loving Shri Mataji, I felt the most slight, yet familiar awareness of Spirit and higher consciousness that I had once known, and I knew certain things about this, like never losing hope or faith, knowing when each step up was closer, and when each step backwards, or to the mundane desires was not Spirit manifestation, and also that I could never become a fanatic because all My Desire Power, and My genuine heart and attention, (the attention to an ever increasing extent in My still on-going Spiritual evolution) were, and still are focused on Spirit, not fancy, fanatical ideas of Spiritual practice, concepts and hypocrisy. From the beginning, I knew there was a huge weight of mind, rooted in, and the result of an imbalance of chakras and Kundalini pathway that could not be controlled by the mind, and every part of Sahaja Yoga made perfect sense, right through all the concepts and precepts. I worked out how to build a realistic mechanism of My approach and handling of consciousness that would carry the weight while I simply took care to disregard the thoughts and emotions that would try to destroy the sensitive balance and structures of consciousness based in Kundalini strands in Sushumna, more and more. To prevent the destruction of good work is just as valuable as the good work itself. So having built this mechanism from nothing, I knew how to rebuild it if it was lost, and to redesign it so that I was more realistic about how I integrated My new consciousness and emotions into My very mundane and flat life of the previous levels, and so on. I continue to do this in Myself, and also, as I grew then, I wrote down everything I was doing, in ‘The Nefilim Maya’. That document contains some misunderstanding about facts that I have seen correctly explained in Mother’s Lectures, but what I wrote about freeing the Spirit from the chains, and such things as using the mind to set the mind up for ‘mental suicide’, to hand over control in a well managed, ever evolving mechanism of consciousness integration, all that was very valid, and will one day help many people who are still in the lower levels of consciousness. Even now I am reporting all these secrets and ‘tricks of the trade’ to You all. I must say, though, in recent weeks I’ve been finding it difficult to describe those same things to people who are not yet in the deep and constant meditative state, because I don’t have all the Spiritual Pure Knowledge, and faculties, perfect choice of words, and perfect perception, while I find that I am simply drifting away so often, and all I want to do is live in the Joy, but I cannot just leave everyone behind, haha!! Ahhh!! So here I have tried another way to help You, and this is to explain how I made My Yogi mechanism. It is, in its most absolute definition, a management of consciousness and Pure Desire that is master unto itself, ever evolving, ever positive and faithful, and always in complete accountability to My actual state of Spirit manifested in My Human subtle system. For this to be so, a person just has to be so perfectly and blatantly honest with themselves.

I would, day and night, ask My Kundalini to please release Me from whatever chains there were in Me, stage by stage, in Her Divine Wisdom and Discretion, whatever chains on My Spirit She knew needed to be removed, in whatever manner She saw fit, and however long it took for this most fundamentally to be successful. I would tell Her that if I was not co-operating properly, in surrender, that would She please work this out for Me so that I could co-operate, and all the time I would lay out a ‘red carpet’ of invitation for Her. When the bad dreams and bad memories, even good memories, were released, then I would ignore them and thank Her for releasing Me from that chain. In the double footsoaks of extreme water temperatures for the respective feet, I would spend about 45 minutes just allowing as much negative energy to leave My body as possible, in mentally restricted mental silence, and then I would sit for about 30 minutes with right hand to Earth, first, for Mooladhara and Ida Nadi cleaning, then left hand to Ether for Pingala Nadi cleaning, and by the time My fingers stopped tingling from negative energy, I would be calmed down, and then it was time to do daily chores, or make dinner. No time to even hold both hands to mother’s photo!! For 2 years this went on, sometimes 2 double footsoaks a day, and then protecting, and defending My calm states as I returned to the family after each session, disregarding their fallen Human nature to not want others to change, learning to get over all the resentment with a simple word that was “whatever”, and one day I realised that I must have arrived in Sushumna!!! I didn’t even think about it, and therein was the trick!!! I had designed such an infallible consciousness and Spiritual development mechanism of My entire Being, that it had been working behind the scenes all that time, after I had consciously and deliberately prevented the habits of old ways, left and right, had drowned My mind, left and right, in the Holy Waters of Kundalini and silence of mind, and had done the most basic Sahaja Yoga techniques to their absolute most honest end. I knew only one simple mantra to open and close a meditation session, I had only ever heard 2 Lectures of Shri Mataji’s, and those were the basic ‘steps to realisation’, and I hadn’t discovered any of Mother’s Quotes on the internet, but I was in a stable Sushumna balance, and about 26 months after having begun Sahaja Yoga, and having walked away from the demon incarnations that were there to maintain their evil, high level destruction work on My Being, (maintaining those extremely carefully placed chains they had driven into My soul 12 years before I began Sahaja Yoga), 27 months after having the first of My Kundalini strands released, I began to heal a woman who was not even doing Sahaja Yoga, although I had opened her Sahasrara with My hands over hers. That was in December 2005. And there was more growth after that, and by expanding Myself, and by healing other people from a position of thoroughly achieved balance I become so much stronger than I would otherwise have become. And now I have a wonderful, loving, loyal Yogi Family Who are well-aligned in Their intentions, Who do Desire Spirit, and to serve Divine, but Who are also trying to manage a great deal of weight without using the self-honest, ever evolving, ever accountable Yogi mechanism that I developed.

I could use more of Mother’s lovely Words, or could give some more advice that would no doubt be found in one or another of My documents, but I think that it might detract from the simplicity of what I’ve shown You here. One Yogi to another, this is how I made it!! I had no more advantage than You all have, now that You have Me to provide Spiritual Power and Support, to help You feel the Joy that causes You to reach deeper and more true within Yourselves, but all that effort You are applying is causing a perpetual imbalance to occur. Silence of mind, handing problems up to Mother and Kundalini while letting go, and not getting involved after that is done, all of that is completely the opposite way to how Humans have had to manage their lives in this world. To become the Spirit is to become a paradox / contradiction of Yourself, by definition, and then, once You have discovered that the mechanism is working behind the scenes for You, then the old life looks quite strange to see. You can witness the madness everyone around You is lost in, and simply drift away and be untouched within Yourself, never distracted, not reacting, not chewing over Your own opinions on whatever is going on, just living in Joy, and feeling the cool and dissolving sensation of Your Kundalini Mother feeling so Happy that She can finally express Herself freely and realistically in Your Being!!! I need You all to get this right. Out of billions of humans, You are the ‘Chosen Select’, and here is something that I did mention in ‘The Nefilim Maya’, that the prophecy of Revelation 14 that was when I received the ‘mark of the beast’ from the satan incarnation on 11/11/2003 (the 666 event), was on a more gross level, while the 144 000 people mentioned there were representative of all of Humanity, and that there was actually about 150 or so people there that night. And I see how the same prophecy will be followed on a higher level, once the ‘birth’ of Kalki, the 2nd Christ, has taken place in the Kalki Collective’s foreheads – Agnya and Kalki chakras – and that will be where a certain amount of people will represent all of Humanity to bring about the first integration of the completely evolved Human soul, the completion of the Shri Vishnu evolution of 10 Incarnations, and thereafter, Shri Kalki will be completely settled in the Sahasrara of the Primordial Being for the rest of Sahaja Yoga and many new Sahaja Yogis, to all follow Us up, and then ‘Maha’ part of Mahavishnu will become foremost, the Almighty Father Himself here to fix His Universe while using the indestructible, and ‘Earth unifying’ Incarnation of Shri Ganesha to completely fill this planet and Universe with Himself, His Love, and His Wrath and Destruction. I need You all to get this ‘Yogi mechanism’ right, and using an analogy here, by using just two fingers, You will become the sailors of great and monstrous ships, You will manage that terrible weight that keeps pulling You over, despite Your pure hearts and loyalty to Divine!! And eventually You will just sit back a enjoy the Joy and Love while radiating the same to others!!! I am with You and will never leave You!!! I love You and thank You for Your love and loyalty!!!

Silence of mind

Isaiah:41:1 “Keep silence before Me, O islands; and let the people renew their strength: let them come near; then let them speak: let us come near together to judgment.”
Zechariah 2:13 “Be silent, O all flesh, before the Lord: for He is raised up out of his holy habitation.”
Psalm 1:1-3 “Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law he meditates day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he does shall prosper.”
Proverbs 11:1 “A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is His delight.”

Jai Shri Mataji !!!


The Yogi Mechanism II

The Yogi Mechanism II

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

20 August 2008

This document is written by the Christ / Shri Kalki Incarnation Who works mainly behind the scenes before the Revelation 12 “birth” occurs and My transformation reaches first stage completion. The final stage will be complete when all of the sweeter, more balanced, calmer people in Humanity have been lifted up in deep meditation, 2013.
This document has quotes from the Bible, and no other source, and is not infringing on any copywrite protected material.

I was glad to feel the difference in the Collective after the initial document of this title was written, and then also, once the document, ‘Your Father’ was written, there was an increase in weight on My chakras, followed by a lighter weight overall, meaning that You were becoming more balanced and stable; only an initial process, however. The way the documents about the ‘Yogi mechanism’ are written is different from others that I’ve written, and different from Shri Mataji’s Lectures, in that here I simply tell You how I achieved deep meditation, as opposed to general instruction of methods. On one hand, Shri Mataji mentions how it’s important to know that She is talking to ‘you’, the individual, not some other ‘scenario person’ that allows the sneaky mind to slip out of hearing, and the attention drifts away, the Yogis subliminally fail to identify with being spoken to, being taught. I’ve used things like underlined and bold words, I’ve moaned, and I’ve encouraged, and all of it is with Love. You amaze Me at how You simply remain by My side, and I thank You all so much for Your endless loyalty!! Shri Mataji made certain She selected the perfect people to follow Me through the final stage of Humanity’s Spiritual evolution!! But also, I’m not surprised at how faithful and loyal You all are since We grown to know and love each other. We’re at the point where one year ago only a few knew Me, and now We are many, and We feel very comfortable, and I’ve seen how there is so much communication between each of Our precious family members!! I also sense the unity in a conscious way, holistically, yet not in perfect clarity for Me yet. I know how You all will eventually feel each other this way too, and far more than this. It’s so wonderful to sense and know all of Us, in this real and existing entity that We are now!! We are becoming One Love, and I have no words capable of explaining My gratitude and love to You all!!!

It seems as though this type of educating has a way of placing You as Your own masters, that You see how it’s done through example, not merely reading an instruction. There is so much I can tell You still, and I enjoy Your comments, and also what You don’t understand about things. A good guru creates people who are free. As much as I am Love and Forgiveness, I’m also ‘freedom’, and I keep pushing all people towards the freedom of choice before them, and this is so that the best aspect of a person who is being made into a guru, themselves, is brought to the forefront, over and over. This aspect is the ability to know Your own real development. To compare Your ever more refined state to descriptions of the ideal state spoken by other people will only work up to a certain point. You need to become sensitive to Your innate Dharma. Shri Mataji describes Dharma as being the nature of a Human, not the fallen Human, but the Divine Designed nature, sustained and manifested by Shri Vishnu in each person’s Void / Bhavasagara. You all know about the 10 valancies, righteousness, and so on. There is a mechanism within You that will draw You towards the ultimate state, and I have all My life been aware of this ideal, since childhood. I’ve always automatically returned to a balance after having consciously driven Myself down various paths in life. I was completely aware of that when I was going against Dharma, and I’ve used that same sensitivity to consciously absorb Myself into that comfort of becoming what My Dharma demands that I become. Perhaps by seeing how I’ve explained this point, You also will quietly feel Your Dharma drawing You in, and then You’ll want to satisfy that so much that all else pales in comparison to what ‘Dharma satisfaction’ brings within. Now You understand that it’s Your own Dharma to which You compare Your level of Self-realisation, not the mental framework that is definitely essential for the lower consciousness, yet has it’s purpose only up to a certain point of Yogi development.

There was a point where I realised that I was actually afraid to go into Sahasrara – to ‘let go’. I had to reason with Myself that this was an impasse, and that whatever had to be done, just had to be done. And I decided that I would let go in small bits at a time, see how I felt, and this way I was realistically letting go, and in so doing, I was abandoning My dependency upon the lower self. That highly precise stage of development was the turning point for Me. This occurred in about November 2007. Since mid September, after reading Shri Mataji’s Sahasrara Messages, those that were available, and that spoke of ‘jumping into Sahasrara’, I found Myself both surrounded by a warmth, and then losing that state, over and over throughout the day, and eventually I had managed to scrape together enough sensitivity to My Dharma that I knew I wasn’t ‘letting go’. So I would say that, in one regard, the most useful thing in a Yogi’s ascent is the ability to feel Yourself. In another more fundamental regard, to have a natural gravitation towards a balanced nature and manner of existing, is what will serve as the foundations, that You will easily slip into the Dharmic way of life, and Your attention will not be so drawn apart. You become independent in this demon-infested world only in small, yet real pieces at a time. I think that the best way to give You Yourselves is to let You to be aware of this point. That a balanced nature and tendency is the basis. Rather than so much withdrawing Your interest away from the world outside of Yourself, the way to go is to direct Your interest inwards. It’s not a selfish thing to do, not like a non-realised person would end up being self-centred, because You actually have somewhere to go now. Also, in the previous stage of Sahaja Yoga, I had not opened up the way, so perhaps You found that ego grew when You tried to direct Your interest to Yourself, primarily. You only need to click inside Your head that this might be one of the reasons that You fear to go within, because self-centredness is against Dharma. Now You can consciously free Your hearts, and by becoming a Power that is directed inwardly, attention pointed inwards first, You can provide so much more for those You care about. So that is not being selfish at all. Only now can this all work out practically, because I am active in Your Sahasrara chakras, and now the ‘Incarnation Pair’ can complete the process in the pioneers of Humanity’s final evolution.

Realistically, and in honesty to Yourselves, consider that You are seeing how to let go, and also to become sensitive to Your Dharma, while also being satisfied with enjoying a sensible, balanced nature. No ‘wild happiness’, ‘tears of joy’, ‘great love’ that actually seeks gratitude for its giving, and no wallowing in sadness, guilt and self-pity. The process of asking Your Kundalini to work things out in You is absolutely essential, many times a day, before falling asleep, and shrugging off the memory of bad dreams that She needed to pass through Your consciousness to sever chains from Spirit.

It is literally a case of ‘don’t ask – don’t get…’ And in the meditation sessions, She needs the most re-enforced conditions of silence to be able to cause spiritual growth in You. The only way the silence was even reached is because You took the position of Your own Self. You identified with that Self, not tried to ‘un-identify’ with the mind. Certainly, to ignore the pulling and tugging of desires, emotions needing mundane satisfaction, mental concepts and opinions demanding to be taken seriously by ‘You’, all of that being ignored in favour of a now realistically available Sahasrara existence, deep meditation and detachment, is how to achieve a settled ‘balance of Being’. Once the balance is stable, the desires and emotions won’t steal Your attention and Desire for Spirit, and then a certain momentum of attention can develop. Once You’ve got the momentum up and running, You’re home free!!!!! Really, that’s it!!! Because by the time You have managed to develop the momentum of attention inwardly, upwardly, in the depths of work, or in whatever You need to do in Your daily lives, then You would know how to manage Your attention, and to reach that point, You must take little bits at a time that are realistic and honest.

Now here is a very sweet thing… When You are raising the Kundalini of another person, or many people, You cannot help but become silently aware for that time, and that is something that Shri Adi Shakti included in the Human design!!! By maintaining extended periods of healing of others weaker than Yourself, You cannot help but grow, because spiritual growth occurs during the silence of mind. I am permanently lifting others up, and have been doing so, 24 hours a day, since later 2007, and I’ve achieved this most solid state because of that… The physical and emotional pain that results when healing others is why God, Shri Mataji and I needed strong people, facing Their freedom of choice and facing Themselves.

I Love You all !!! Jai Shri Mataji !!!

The Yogi Mechanism III

The Yogi Mechanism III

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

23 August 2008

With the masses of people that there are who are chosen, who need to have a basic platform within Sahaja Yoga, and a basic knowledge of terminology, chakras, protocol, techniques, comprehension of the Human situation here on Earth, that Sahaja Yoga Humans are soldiers for the Divine, all ways to help the consciousness release into the higher dimension, it all can be very distracting, and also, can be the ‘grazing fields’ for half-hearted people who become fanatical and ritualistic. The risk was there always, and Shri Mataji has had to simply forgive and keep on gathering more, educating and establishing loyalty and faith, and maintaining the acceptance and standard of Sahaja Yoga, the ‘vehicle’ for Human Spiritual emancipation. When I began Sahaja Yoga, I learned the basic techniques, and I took what I needed to get the job done, and then I used that only. I knew that only when the awareness was enlightened by Spirit, then a Greater Knowledge would be available to Me, so the only reason I went digging for information to create a context of where Humans stand in this world was to help others out, with the main work being ‘The Nefilim Maya’. But when it came to the meditation sessions, the work was halted. Then the desire to discover this outer knowledge was re-assigned, not suppressed, not indulged, but placed in the correct place. It wasn’t realistic and practical for Me to boldly think that I could maintain attention on Sahasrara while living in the normal daily events, and so when I walked into the dark, outside car garage where I would meditate, I simply said to Myself that now is MY time!!! No compromise!!! All the concepts of reality in this poor world, and desire to swim through thoughts of how wonderful life would become one day, was assigned to a simple place of honest and resolute Desire for silence of mind, and for Spirit to have Kundalini Power. I saw things as “how many Kundalini strands are in the centre, and how many are being stolen away?” There were no big and elaborate ideas in that room. There was Shri Mataji’s photo, Me, My Kundalini and the Deities. I look back at that and I’m amazed at the simplicity, but the masses would never have had enough substance in Sahaja Yoga if Shri Mataji had have set it up that way. But You all need to be exceptions to the masses. And one day, when the Kalki Collective is active on Earth, all Sahaja Yogis will need to do the same. Of all that I have ever said, everything comes down to this – that Kundalini does the Work and You sit back and allow Her to rise. Did You know that the Sanskrit word ‘Shushumna’ means ‘Channel of Ascent’? Kundalini only rises when She has a silent and stable pathway.

I did, and still do use My hands to heal chakras, and because I always have new and existing Yogis on My chakras, all in pain, I need to keep doing that, so please use Your hands, even when not in a session. Early on I heard that when the hands are held to Shri Mataji’s photo, the Sahasrara is opened, and so every possible moment, I have held my hands to Her photo. I see things as tools, Kundalini is a loving life-force, and I love Her, but I see the practicality, so there is genuine depth, but it is combined with realistic application. For nearly 5 years I’ve been walking around wherever I go with one had to the pendant photo of Shri Mataji, and the other in alternating draining of negative energy, discreetly, yet all the time. When I eat then the pendant is away, and afterwards it is out again, feeding Me, no fanaticism and ritualism, just practical Self-realisation. My lower legs have not touched each other in nearly 5 years, even in sleep, because early on, I heard in a Lecture by Shri Mataji that feet should be apart, because they are part of two separate energy systems, the sympathetic nervous system, left and right. Once I had begun to do that, I could feel the blockage and ‘short-circuit’ occur if My feet touched, or even came too near each other, preventing negative from draining out. I might have looked like a homeless man for a while, but I had no shoes on My feet for about 18 months, and this was with the uncut beard, haha!! Even now, I slip off My sandals when I’m not walking. I still watch out for negative zones in the ground, and I won’t sit near an electrical box, because there is a destructive force around them, even through walls. I had a clear plastic shield to protect Me from the damaging electro-magnetic fields from the computer screen, and eventually I became strong enough that My vibrations neutralised those. Negative energy in the chakras is an enemy and support the mind’s existence and resistance to Spirit attention. I learned to sweep negative energy out along the different subtle body parts, to repeatedly move My hand upwards along Shushumna Nadi, and also to wrestle with My mind, the highjacker of My mental body / lead horse of the Chariot. I knew I was the owner of My 3-fold body of physical, emotional and consciousness, and I removed My mental association of ‘Me’ from the false personality that still ruled Me, even so. I ate My way out of ‘prison’ day and night. I coveted My Kundalini strands in Shushumna!! I even sometimes most viciously defended My right to evolve as a free personality when I could feel judgment and resistance from those around Me – very nasty times!! It wasn’t a ‘Christ Anger’, but it was borne out of the defence of righteousness. I would never allow Myself to feel guilt, not for anything, because the demons would love that!! There was even a thing I would do that I am not certain all of You will be capable of getting right, but I’ll tell You, and it is described in ‘The Nefilim Maya’. I began to dismantle My personality that was preventing My Spirit personality, according to Dharma sensitivity, from filling into My soul and chakras, and Me. It is very different to suppression of desire that would create a super-ego. This is a very sneaky way of provoking the mind to come out while I sit back and identify what is more prominent in My ‘myth’ personality, and then I go about ‘un-learning’ and reversing the whole mess. I honestly don’t know if everyone can do that… It is playing down the mind, but it takes great strength of even the normal Human nature, because there is a period where there is nothing to sustain You; that is to say that there is no ego or super-ego while the consciousness is very carefully managed, and there is not enough Spirit in attention to fill the gap, and then go through the daily activities like that. Either way, not feeding the habitual personality patterns of the ‘myth’ personality made such a difference in the hours between meditation sessions. Now I’m so far away in meditation that I just exist and growth perpetuates, but I’m linked to all of You, as the Vishnu evolver, and even with those beyond the Kalki Collective, so I need to be alert to Pure Desire dropping in Me because of the weight, and then feed Shri Adi Kundalini, and all the individual Kundalinis in those I’m healing, and also, I must be alert to when the Ida and Pingala Nadis pull away, mostly in the Global Meditation sessions, so I was very well prepared for this job by going through all that I did. I actually became a hunter for pain, because where there is pain, there is a problem that needs to be fixed, and only a madman actually enjoys pain, so I wanted to fix it, and to grow in Spirit to save Humanity!! This Universe still suffers, and there is still pain. To be able to go through the pain, and to have the basic in-built ‘steel Will’ (different to will-power) to keep attention on Sahasrara, to keep My desire Pure while, the storm raged on within, as My feet were in the double footsoaks that caused so much poison and negative energy to flow powerfully through My mental body / consciousness, and My emotional body, all that took some other kind of inner strength that is so rare that Shri Adi Shakti knew She would need Christ to lift everyone up. But there is still only so much I can do for each Yogi. Kalki Christ needs each person’s attention on Him, in their Sahasrara, just as Shri Mataji needs each person’s attention on Her. There is a pre-determined level-by-level development, very carefully Managed by Shri Mataji to Create the perfect Kalki Collective over time, and these documents are all a part of the entire Plan, so I hope they make deeper and deeper sense to You as Our Collective and individual evolution moves on. The last part within that becomes settled is the Void / Bhavasagara / Ocean of Illusion.

The Divine Loves You!!! Jai Shri Mataji !!!

The Yogi Mechanism IV

The Yogi Mechanism IV

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

27 August 2008

This document is written by the Christ / Shri Kalki Incarnation Who works mainly behind the scenes before the Revelation 12 “birth” occurs and My transformation reaches first stage completion. The final stage will be complete when all of the sweeter, more balanced, calmer people in Humanity have been lifted up in deep meditation, 2013.
This document has quotes from the Bible, and no other source, and is not infringing on any copywrite protected material.

Often, there is much growth in consciousness and Kundalini balance, but it’s not noticed, so people then don’t know to change and protect the new person. While You are in a meditation session, You become more activated in Spirit, and when You return to Your living environment, You cool off again. Think of a piece of steel that heats up when plugged into an electrical supply, and then disconnects and comes into contact with ice, which would be the negative and attention / desire distracting environment in life outside the meditation area. To grow beyond the small stage that periodic moments of meditation delivers, You obviously must learn to maintain the ‘heat supply’ when You return to Your family and life environments. It all begins by consciously assuming the position of ‘controller’, and I’ve seen that many folks think the mental perspective alone will set that into the ‘Being’. The mind is now used to set the consciousness up to hand over to Kundalini and Spirit, while the periphery functions of the mind are not employed. This is actually simpler than normal free-range thinking is. Here is how to set this up in Yourself:

By holding any though or idea in Your mind, and then wishing that Kundalini ‘bakes’ that into a solid form, You make a stronger than normal condition, and it won’t fade away so easily. So say to Yourself, “I’m in charge here!!” Then see a mental image as a fire-like Kundalini surrounds this ‘clay form’ of the idea with flames, and the longer You can hold the intention that goes with all of this, the more You will have re-directed Your mental habits into the idea. You need to ‘feel’ the idea to involve all of Yourself, emotions, heart, preconceptions (conditionings), desire, intentions, mental concepts. The more parts of Yourself that You absorb into the ‘feeling’ of this “I’m in charge here” idea, the more actual roots of destructive patterns, and displaced Kundalini strands You’ll be re-assigning to a constructive habit, or pathway. Another good idea You can ‘bake’ in the fires of Kundalini and Pure Attention is, “Right now I only want Spirit!!” The longer this is kept, the stronger Your position of control over Your entire consciousness and emotions will become, for some minutes, and also Your ‘desire’ will automatically only seek Spirit. You’ll be quite amazed at how this mechanism works in an automatic way once You’ve done it a few times. It’s like a starter motor in a car, so You must understand that You’re using the mind here, but for a constructive purpose. Have the overview that You are only getting control over Your conscious and emotional bodies where the mind, enforced by displaced Kundalini, has been running the show. So You must actually and intentionally know that You are using the mind up to a certain point only, while You are doing this process, or You will set another bad habit up. The nature, or essence of this intentionally created mental and emotional habit will then have in it a very easy, built-in attitude of change, freedom and evolution. It will now become a master unto itself!! Of course, You made it, so You are the real master, but it will work behind the scenes, and will be more powerful that the lazy and uncontrolled habits. This is how You get out of prison!! The silence of mind is the only way to kill the mind, so You are gathering all parts of Yourself to hand Yourself, Your mental and emotional ‘Being’ up to Kundalini, Spirit, Shri Mataji and Shri Kalki. It helped Me to feel as if I was hanging from a hook that was above My head. Then I could realistically feel as though I was letting go while the idea I had made was being ‘baked’ by Kundalini and attention on Sahasrara. Try hanging from a hook. Let go in stages, maybe a few minutes at a time, and see how You feel.

There is another part to this – and I look for the results of what I’ve been trying to achieve to see if I’m getting it right. The mind deciding to do something, and the ‘heart of hearts’ of a person desiring to do something are two different things, but even if You have this heart-felt desire for Spirit, it may still not be with ALL of Your Being that You direct Yourself through Your heart. To make sure You are daily gathering more and more fundamental parts of Yourself together, Your desire power, Your mental intentions, Your attitudes, You need to use the mechanism of holding ideas in Your mind and keeping them in a ‘mind picture’ for Kundalini to set. You need to include emotions in that, and also, use Your imagination, but simple is best, not complicated, elaborate things. Keep the detached overview that the process is only to start things going. Perhaps it could take a few days, or a week or two, but not very long. As You get more used to doing this, try to feel as though You need it less and less. Only the results will let You know how well this is working, and how much to employ or abandon this mechanism, piece by piece. You’ll understand all of this better once You try this a few times. Keep it simple, okay. No big ideas, just, “I’m in charge here!!” and after about 10 minutes of that, then, “Right now I only want Spirit!!” See a pot with flames bending around it as the flames rise thought Sahasrara…

You know how the moment somebody’s Sahasrara is opened that they are considered to be Self-realised. They are newly born, but certainly, they are now awake. Total enlightenment is too far up to try and imagine, so the mechanism is the realistic way to navigate and manage the living process of Self-realisation.

So to use Your passive attention to keep Kundalini confronting the Divine Reality is to make Yourself rise. Note that I said “Yourself”. Kundalini will connect the entire Self of Spirit to the body of 3 parts You presently inhabit. You need to assume the position of Spirit looking to gain control of Your body parts to interact with the world around. Reach out and fill Your body, and push aside the bad habits that are paralyzing Your Spiritual body. See Yourself from the other side, not from under Your Spirit, but as You are, as Spirit, but not yet able to move in Your lazy and foreign body of physical, emotional and consciousness. That can also be a nice idea to bake in those flames!! Really, once You get even a small bit of this perspective, You will be so free inside!! Even though You’ll know that You have some more nice and fundamental work to do, to gather Your body to Yourself, You’ll be able to breathe such a sweet breath into a much lighter chest and lungs!! Once again, the simple mechanism is what does the trick. This way You will make certain that You habitual mind and emotions don’t let You think that You have desire running through Your heart. You’ve got to watch out for the mind thinking it’s so clever!! In fact, something I used to do all the time was to push down any results, and that way I would see the real growth prevail and the nonsense mind tricks would fail in My consciousness and emotions. The overview of what You’re trying to achieve here is once again essential.

A set balance, unassuming and humble, yet honest balance, is necessary for You to be able to fill and control Your emotional and conscious bodies to the extent that attention on Sahasrara can become automatic. As such, an overview of achieving a humble balance will keep You out of losing Your perspective while You use the consciousness to set Kundalini habits in the correct place. Re-check Your true heart desire by pushing down the result felt, and allow the re-growth to be of a genuine nature. This will also prevent the ego from filling Your emotions and consciousness. Watch out for a powerful and rising feeling of euphoria!!!! That is false and ugly ego!!! Do not indulge in nice ideas, feelings, concepts, because only once the Joy of Spirit fills in will You then be able to stop pushing down the results with a mind to promoting real growth. I hope all this is comprehensible to You.

The Agnya chakra is the centre of forgiveness opened in the master soul by the first Incarnation of God, as Jesus Christ.
Matthew 7:13-14 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

The Lord’s Prayer
Our Father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, On earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil, For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory,
For ever and ever. Amen. Matthew 6:9-15

I Love You!!!

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

The Yogi Mechanism V

The Yogi Mechanism V

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

16 September 2008

This document is written by the Christ / Shri Kalki Incarnation Who works mainly behind the scenes before the Revelation 12 “birth” occurs and My transformation reaches first stage completion. The final stage will be complete when all of the sweeter, more balanced, calmer people in Humanity have been lifted up in deep meditation, 2013.
This document has quotes from the Bible, and no other source, and is not infringing on any copywrite protected material.

There comes a point where no more explanations are required, when a Human has begun to reside / exist as a Self-entity, above the Sahasrara, as opposed to below. A balance of Being is entirely necessary to be allowed into this realm of existence. I reached the point of entering into an existence above Sahasrara in the middle of September 2007. At that moment, I was reading the 2007 Sahasrara Messages where Shri Mataji described how certain people were in Sahasrara, yet didn’t realise. So I asked Shri Mataji that if I was in Sahasrara, could I please go deeper through, and suddenly a warm Power fell down over Me!! Now all the burning feelings from the evil in the Earth’s atmosphere that I felt as a result of partial Protection since starting Sahaja Yoga all went away and I felt comfortable for the first time!! I soon realised that I had arrived in a completely different place to where I had been when I was below Sahasrara. Now I had actually become a ‘Sahasrara Being’, not just a Human with some attention and Kundalini going into Sahasrara chakra. I now resided in Sahasrara. But I would repeatedly fall out of this ‘state of Being’ few a few weeks that initial transition. I began to imagine drilling a hole through the top of My head to get through, and then fitting My arms through, and very quickly I stopped falling out during the day. But there was always one time when I would find Myself outside of this Beautiful environment – as I woke up each day…

Now, I would say that all the previous documents I’ve ever written have been with the eventuality of this document in mind. Once You achieve an existence above Sahasrara, even just feel the ‘warm blanket’ a few times, then You will be free – no more need for words!!! Of course, all things occur according to the Divine Plan, and I got up on My own because I have the Shri Ganesha Power within Me, but it was the time for Me to rise, and had Shri Mataji decided it was not the time for it, then all the drilling of attention and ‘Being’ through and above Sahasrara would have served to only maintain a balance. At this stage in September 2008, My wife and the Paramatma (Original Spirit) Mother using Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Ashtalakshmi Goddess natures to have Her form and soul inside Creation, is now entering into this ‘state of Being’. She is now active in all Your Sahasrara chakras more and more, and She will be slowly receiving the position that Shri Mataji holds in all Yogi’s Sahasrara chakras, and has held since 1970. Parampuja Shri Sahasrara Swamini Shri Mataji in the form of Shri Raja Rajeshwari, the Ruler of Sahasrara, has Name 52 as ‘Shri Kalki Mahalakshmi – She is the Power of ascent of Shri Kalki.’ So to very subtle degrees, My wife is taking over as Mother of all Mothers as She is actually God in a Goddess form with natures beyond that which Shri Adi Shakti has, and You need to see Her as Your Mother in Sahasrara too. A bit confusing for some, perhaps, but there are 2 Shakti Incarnations, and one Masculine Incarnation in Sahasrara before the birth of Shri Kalki. Please hold all three of Us in Your attention, or You will not rise!!! That’s how the system works. The Revelation 12 ‘Mother’ of the ‘man child’ is not as the Human mind can understand.

Interestingly, My wife gave this technique the same name I did – ‘the attention drill’. She felt the warm ‘blanket’ fall over Her, and now She is rising to exist above Sahasrara. This now gives all of the Kalki Collective the opportunity to follow suit. Here are some helpful points:
– This is a conscious journey more than ever before, once You reach this stage. You do things by desiring to do them, and if You think about things, spell out the details in Your mind, You will ruin the state of consciousness that You now will be able to manifest beyond the mind. For example, if You want to connect to Your Spiritual Parents, in Yogi connections for better Support, then just desire it quietly and it will be done. Fight to resist even the slightest distraction from Sahasrara. The thing about the ‘attention drill’ is that You can go on working during the day and still maintain attention, because as soon as You have initiated existence above Sahasrara then You’ll find that You naturally stay up. Distractions of attention will destroy many hours and days of careful work within just minutes.

– Touch Your Brahmarandra with Your fingers, gently pushing and massaging, also make a curved right hand around where Kundalini rises up and heal Your actual Sahasrara chakra. If You are in public then do it discretely so that You end up doing it. It really helps to do this often!! It won’t help if attention drifts, though. This is a transition phase that wasn’t possible before. One of the 108 Names of Shri Mataji – ‘Shri Vilasini – The Universe is for Her pleasure, or She, at Her pleasure, either opens or closes the way to Self-realisation.’ For the Kalki Collective, the way is now open to You!!

– When You are about to fall asleep, align Your whole Being with balanced, calm emotions and mental body. When You wake up, before You can even think of something, catch Yourself and be quiet. Move by desire only. Be very careful about getting lost in thought at this stage. The Power of Kundalini is more evident now, and Your attention can so easily become free if You maintain it with a desire, not thought or trying or concepts. Just the same, Kundalini can give Power to the thoughts You might allow. Soon after the ‘warm blanket’ of the All-pervading Power / Paramachaitanya falls over You, You will no longer want to indulge in anything but vibrations!! They become Your only desire!! Self-realisation, Spirit, vibrations… all the same thing. No concept, just existence in Bliss, and thoughts that come to You now will be more from the All-pervading Power pouring in, and from Spirit manifesting as never before. You’ll instantly feel the difference on Your subtle body, because one type of thought will heal You, and another type will destroy You. This is why balance and the ‘Yogi mechanisms’ that work in the background were so important.

– Another Name of Shri Mataji’s is ‘Shri Paramodara – Of Supreme Generosity. Who readily responds to the prayers of Her devotees.’ So ask Shri Mataji to let You go into and above Sahasrara, and do Your part through a very calm, disciplined and detached consciousness and emotions. Kundalini is the healer, and when You desire a connection with all other Yogis then She will provide more Power to help You help them too. When everyone does that then You’ll see the final development of the Kalki Collective become manifested, individually and collectively. The time is now when collective 24-hour meditation will begin to develop. This is Your final step towards freedom and emancipation!! Desire collectivity.

All Divine Loves You!!! Desire Our Support always, and surrender more and more, in humility and trust. Keep attention up with Your whole Being, and watch for a lapse in the self-perpetuating healing Power of Kundalini attention on the Sahasrara Incarnations, and Pure Desire for Spirit. Thank You for Your love for Divine and all other Beings, Angels, Deva Spirits, Earth and the Universe!!!

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

Negative Zones

Negative Zones

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

8 May 2008

This document is written by the Christ / Shri Kalki Incarnation Who works mainly behind the scenes before the Revelation 12 “birth” occurs and My transformation reaches first stage completion. The final stage will be complete when all of the sweeter, more balanced, calmer people in Humanity have been lifted up in deep meditation, 2013.
This document has quotes from the Bible, and no other source, and is not infringing on any copywrite protected material.

Earth has a gravity field that is made up of millions of energy lines that intersect with each other, and at that point is found a ‘vortex’ (like a whirlpool in water). These physical gravity lines and vortices become a platform for energy of a higher dimension – vibrations. There are major points on Earth, such as Stonehenge in England, where major lines intersect, and being such powerful parts of the planet, there is positive energy found over these areas. Because there is so much negative energy on Earth, the smaller vortices gather negative energy and the positive becomes overrun. The result is that for every few inches of Earth’s surface there is found a tiny little vortex, and every few feet there are stronger ones, and there are probably about 3 or 4 very strong vortices in the average size house. The ones like Stonehenge are only found every few hundred, and even thousand kilometers apart.

The negative energy can be cleaned out with certain techniques, but the negative energy just returns within minutes anyway. The vortex can be deflected, and effectively blocked by only one substance found on Earth, the rose quartz rock. Even just a small piece placed on the ground in the centre of a negative vortex will break it up nicely.

Rose quartz on the ground, blocks the negative zone vortex

Rose quartz on the ground, blocks the negative zone vortex

I ask that you all please keep a constant check for these areas. Certainly, the tiny vortices are everywhere, but if you happen to find a stronger negative vortex under your bed or chair, or where you stand while making food, then your chakras are being severely destroyed and demons not only rise up through those negative energy ‘whirlpools’, but they gather inside you where this destruction is occurring and add to the mess!!! By holding painful chakras in your right hand fist you can heal yourself or anyone else this way. You can also pull out negative energy with your fingertips and aim the resultant negative away from your body while dissolving what you can with your Kundalini Power through your right hand palms. Also, please see the document ‘Christ’s photo’ (Фотография Христа) in the ’Rose Quartz’ folder.

If you feel an agitated heat, or even worried emotions, pain in chakras and muscles, then please check the ground where you are. Also, electrical boards, microwave ovens and computer monitors cause damage You are all at such a sensitive level of spiritual development and you need to reach that point of perfection, with such finely tuned chakras and consciousness. I am lifting you constantly and there has been some damage occurring just as constantly, and it is a combination of these negative vortices and also the mental patterns that have not yet gone away and are being allowed to sneak back into your personalities and steal away your attention from Pure Desire and love. Such pure love must be protected, because there is much working against you now. The higher dimensional attacks by demons are increasing now. A simple emotion like jealousy or anger can drive a splinter into your heart and you only realise it when the poison begins to overflow. The strongest way to be is innocent and sweet. This is Shri Ganesha and He is the Power of Shri Adi Shakti.

You are Beautiful!!! Thank you!!! I Love you!!!

Jai Shri Mataji !!!