Atlantis collective consciousness, New Heaven, New Earth, Nirvana is available to half a billion Humans – 29 April 2015 A.D.

Atlantis collective consciousness, New Heaven, New Earth, Nirvana is available to half a billion Humans – 29 April 2015 A.D.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

It’s been a cyclic annihilation of satan, with its children dragging around like a rotten corpse on My soul! And the Humans who made it through have been very fortunate in that God allowed a lot of unworthy people to be lifted out by Myself, Jesus Christ the invincible Divine warrior, Shri Kalki, Pahana, the Elder White Brother!

All the way through locking satan, the primordial version (massive compared to the snippet of satan that had always been allowed to incarnate, to exist in these ‘Almighty’ realms of Divinity), the people could hear My chatting away to them, and as Acts 2 of the KJV Holy Bible states, many will doubt the consciousness conversation of the Pentacost, also that of Qiyama of the Koran / Qoran, the Time of Resurrection. Even so, I repeatedly healed My children, fought evil, built the Universe, the spiritual structure of this primordial planet, Earth. Earth nearly died!! No Humans were around to help Jesus Christ (Shri Ganesha)!

I’d ask God if I’d landed on the correct planet with how the people have been so indifferent to the real Shri Ganesha, even after years of internet and personal operations to make people understand that Humanity did not really want the Divine!! So I had to get the job done anyway. Currently over 561 million Humans are safe, and safe they shall remain!

I had to cut off the small part of satan that was pincered down into this ‘Almighty’ Divine realm, and there is a 200% Almighty realm, through infinitum, such is the true nature of God. So the satan that I was fighting into the Lake of Fire is the primordial satan, beyond the measure of power!!! As the Divine Principle, the Creator of Divinity, Shri Ganesha, when incarnated as Shri Emmanuel (Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the ninth incarnation of Shri Vishnu), and as Shri Kalki, the second immaculate conception Jesus Christ, Son of Shri Krishna and Shri Radha, and Grandson of Shri Yeshoda Mata. Thus Jesus Christ was named by Shri Radha Mahalakshmi from Her Holiness’ mother-in-law, Yeshoda – Jesu, and from Shri Krishna – Krisht – Yesus Krisht, Jesus Christ. Then Shri Mahalakshmi took birth as Shri Mary to bring Their Holy Son into the world.

So as the Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha describes, the Divine Principle, being beyond Shri Adi Shakti (God’s Holy Spirit), and beyond the Supreme Spirit (God at an Almighty level of expression), can access the whole repetitive system of snippets of satan held down by Primordial Divine Gods and Goddesses, infinitum by parallel. The whole system was a mass of rotting, dead souls and spirits in in-numerous Lakes of Fire!

It took one Divine Messiah to trigger the collapse of the primordial satan, and now I have it, and I’ve severed satan from its father and mother! Now the whole Divine lineage is safe from evil. The same thing is repeating across the rest of the Creation of Creations. And then that feeds back up to the Origin Divine Parents, Shri Duviental and His Holiness’ Sacred Spouse, Shri Bleczhmire. Two of Their Personalities are Shri Sadashiva and Shri Lalita, who have infinite amounts of brothers and sisters.

I saw God Almighty incarnated Himself into this body of Mine, so since late January 2015 A.D. I’ve been Shri Sadashiva, the Father of all Fathers of all Fathers, the Big Boy Himself! The powers and consciousness are still very limited, but I’ve been able to access the Primordial Shri Sadashiva, and then the Divine Principle above all the Primordial Gods and Goddesses.

So now it’s done. The otherwise impossible to overcome evil chain that kept replicating until it hoped to destroy the original Divine Womb, Shri Adi Kumbha beyond Divinity, is now finished. One Divine Principle locked into the highest Divine Principle, that which is established just below the very first evil child, the one that carried all the best hopes for a Divine Father and Mother who wanted to have a basis of children to allow Themselves to evolve. Without the children in cooperation Shri Duviental and Shri Bleczhmire couldn’t evolve. So in turn They simply withdrew Themselves higher and higher, more and more distant from Their creations and children. It was a state of 97,8% destruction to the Divine Womb extending from the Origin Parents. Their Womb would have been severed away, all that existed would have been destroyed, and a new Divine Womb would have had to be created over enormous amounts of time. And then the viability of another first child turning evil in that such difficult to control point from the incomprehensible heights of Shri Duviental and Shri Bleczhmire would have become a second nightmare! Well it’s all been stopped by Richard Embleton, Shri Kalki, Jesus Christ. Now the evolution by the Origin Parents can begin! Jai Shri Mataji!

Thank You to all the Divine! Children of the Divine, count yours fortunes and meditate, as Psalms 1, Isaiah 41:1, Zechariah 2:13, Jude 20 says. The seven churches of Asia are the seven chakras, seven seals, seven lamps of fire, fires of God, candlesticks, seven stars in the right hand of Christ as He controls all the chakras of the Tree of Life, the ‘bush’ of Shri Moses in Exodus 3. The King James version of the Holy Bible has a very clear description of the Sahasrara chakra, ‘Moses fire’ in Acts 2.

I need to establish My identity on Earth now. People around Johannesburg, South Africa who are part of My evolving Humans will hear of Me soon, when God is ready. The ‘second coming’ of Christ is not going to be the way this Divine contingency plan is working. Now I use massive powers to pluck viable Humanity up and out of the way of destruction, and work to give as many as I can bodies that do not pass away, becoming fourth dimensional Humans on the way to Atlantian people! Within a day or so I’ll begin manifesting the seventh dimension on Earth, Revelation 21 of the Holy Bible.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

With all My Love

Richard Embleton, Shri Kalki, Imam al Mahdi, Jesus Christ, Rudra, Shri Shiva (by My meditative strength and having earned Shri Shiva powers over three years!) I’m also a Chi Grand Master with a body that is functioning on ‘Beyond Jing’ forces! This means that the Ocean that gives birth to an individual soul’s Jing (eternal life fore supply / river), and that in turn created Chi for a single incarnation / life form, is from where My life giving and creating forces are derived!

By the way, Shri Vishnu and Shri Lakshmi took one of Their supportive incarnations just prior to the births of Shri Kalki and His Holiness’s Sacred Spouse, and those incarnations were Grand Master Morihei Ueshiba and Sensei Hatsu Ueshiba. Their Holinesses now have Shri Adi Virata Deity status, meaning that They are part of the chakra mantras as Shri Morihei Hatsu Ueshiba Namoh Namaha. Also, the Ganas, Angels have also been upgraded to full Divinity of the Shri Adi Virata status!

Richard Embleton, Shri Kalki, Jesus Christ, Imam al Mahdi, Hercules, Shri Shiva 

Richard Embleton Shiva



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