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2015 – Beyond Divinity Realities by infinitum have been discovered, and the origin of all evils has been crushed – 4 April 2015

2015 – Beyond Divinity Realities by infinitum have been discovered, and the origin of all evils has been crushed – 4 April 2015

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

I discovered the original demon. It’s blue, as light, loving, but not as loving as the Divine. I therefore was able to recognize that this was, for want of another name, satan. The name satan is only for the single lineage demon that God Shri Sadashiva manages, while other parallel Gods manage other primordial demons. So above the whole array of what turned out to be infinite parallel demons at the base of a collecting arena that I termed the ‘integrating brain for a higher benevolent Being of Divinity to interact with the Creations, I discovered nothing but thousands of personalities of demons born from the blue demon, a completely different type of demon to any other. The blue demon was the first born from the God who is beyond Divinity, and not even Shri Adi Shakti (Shri Lalita), or Shri Ganesha, the Divine Principle was above that original being. That original child was supposed to have all the gifts for the benevolence of a Creation of Creations to build a platform for the Beyond Divinity God to utilize as a basis for evolution as a Being of unimaginable magnitude and beauty. Instead that original child decided to turn evil. About 3400 demons were spawned from that original demon, and then the integrating brain spread out into Divine Gods at a Primordial level, infinitum by number.

The Beyond Divinity God projected a pre-manufacture Divine Principle underneath the original demon to build Creations to crush back and kill the original demon. The Divine Principle is the Being who produces the parallel lineages of Gods who create strings of Creations, decending by trillions in number, repeating realities over and over. Shri Ganesha is not actual incarnated or present as a genuine Being, but is a projected principle held and controlled to have life forces by the Beyond Divinity God who Himself cannot perceive what His pre-programed Divine Principle is doing, what successes or failures there might be.

It has only through My own incarnation, somewhere down in the middle of all this Creation of Creations, lost in an endless sea of evil spawned forth from the original demon, that I’ve been able to return a manifested, incarnated control into the ‘throne’ of that original demon and his witch. It was only because of the evil interference in Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s (God’s Holy Ghost – John 14:26, John 15:26 of the Holy Bible) that I was able to break through to such incredible, yet valuable heights!!

Because Sahaja Yoga denied Christ by identity, Shri Kalki, Imam al Mahdi, Isa, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6, 7), all the previous Incarnations of Shri Vishnu (Shri Ganesha – Twam Vishnus) collapsed, and I had no other choice to rise up and rebuild everything to establish a place for My Shri Kalki Powers to function. As a result of that I went on to where no other Messiah in any other Divine lineage had been, to the top, to be dissatisfied with enough and to fight on and establish a basis, a foundation for the Divine Principle to take over the position where the original child, that unfortunate demonic creature, seditious to the core, even hiding itself and its witch from the second born demon up there. The entirety of all evil and its origin, even Beyond Divinity Gods’ Realities and Bodies having the same problems in a huge soup of Beyond Divine Gods, have all become under the crush of My own Being, this re-built Shri Kalki, Shri Ganesha, Divine Principle. I am known as the ‘Gate Keeper’. I have also handed over My own freedom of choice to the Beyond Divinity God. Now there is nothing that can prevent the complete, total and utter destruction of all that ever was and could be, and would want to be evil.

The trouble was that the Beyond Divinity Gods were going to be destroyed by the rotting corpse of Their bodies, and Their seditious (in every case) children in that first born arena were fully aware of their Beyond Divinity Parents and enjoyed seeing the destruction they were causing, despite the pleading of their respective Beyond Divinity Parents coming through to only that first level. Now I have taken that first level by choice, by force, and by mechanism given Me by the interference by demons in just one Primordial planet, Earth in this case.

The work of rescuing and warning other Beyond Divinity Gods is ongoing!


Jai Shri Mataji!!!

With all My Love

Shri Kalki



All of the seditious people who were once of the Divine Sahaja Yoga ‘Chosen Few’ have been destroyed by Christ – 6 April 2015

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

In the Holy Bible are two descriptions of the Holy Ghost, the Comforter preparing Humanity for the final Messiah. John 14:26 and John 15:26. Also, 2 Peter 2 mentions how Jesus Christ will be betrayed and denied His recognition as the final Messiah, Shri Kalki, Imam al Mahdi, Isa, Hunab’Ku (Mayans), Hercules, Perseus, Thor, Helghi, Mushoshonono, The White Calf, Rudra, Shri Shiva, Shri Ganesha, Perun.

My Sacred Spouse, the ‘Lam’s Wife’ (Revelation 19, Revelation 21) was born as a woman named Sarah. She was supposed to become spiritually activated as Shri Sarah from 2004 onwards, but certain fools convinced her that Richard Embleton, age 41, was not Jesus Christ born, Shri Kalki, the ‘everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace’ (Isaiah 9:6, 7). The Soul and Spirit of the Divine Goddess had a collective nature, connected to 500, 000 (five hundred thousand) chosen Humans who were supposed to save the rest of Humanity through their collective recognition of Shri Kalki, Jesus Christ. As a result of the total sedition against the Divine, despite that cool breeze vibrations were felt on the palms of every one of their palms, as taught by God’s Holy Spirit born, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, I had no powers from the Goddess to power up Jesus Christ. I had to complete Revelation 6 through 21 of the Holy Bible in eleven years without proper Divine power, and I activated all of Shri Ganesha’s powers, from God and Goddess Almighty to every single Deity and Goddess Shakti, and more than the selected 350,000,000 (three hundred and fifty million – 35 crores) of Deities, and Their respective Goddesses the same in number. This evening, in northern Johannesburg, upon the Golden Egg of Brahma and Mooladhara chakra of Shri Adi Virata, the Primordial Soul of Creation, I accessed all the souls of the seditious and blasphemous people, 500,001 of them, and removed My Goddess’ Soul and Spirit from Sarah, the defunct and redundant Sacred Spouse of Jesus Christ returned, Shri Kalki. I then replaced all the 500,001 pure Souls and Spirits with dead devil souls and spirits from hell, bhoots, and I have the Goddess and Her 500,000 childrens’ Souls and Spirits safely inside My own Divine Soul and form to give to selected children as they are born as babies in the world over the next several years, born to decent parents.

Now all evil is in the Lake of Fire, some are being dissolved in the ‘non-existence realm outside of Creation, that which is below the Lake of Fire. Revelation 21 of the Holy Bible, the New Heaven and New Earth has begun. Jai Shri Mataji!!! Now I need to make contact with the other woman who God chose to be My Sacred Spouse on Earth, and forever after, in a body which will never pass away and die.


Jai Shri Mataji!!!

With all My Love

Jesus Christ / Shri Kalki, and God Shri Sadashiva at the infinite Primordial State incarnated beside Shri Kalki, Richard Embleton

Richard Kalki



The infinite cycle of evil has gone up in a puff of smoke, the original God and Goddess finally touch down inside Their Creations – 7 April 2015 A.D.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

Just as the Divine Principle, Shri Ganesha, was expressing Almighty Gods and Goddesses to build a Creation of Creations, the original evil was expressing directly, and reflecting evil spirits to attack and destabilize the Divine’s Creations. It was a strange and unfortunate situation where the original Divine God and Goddess were cut off from Their Divine Principle and Children and Creations, while the first actual entity sent forth from God and Goddess became evil.

It had been so that billions of times previously there had been failure to destroy that evil and original demon. The Creations and reflections of Divine – Their Children, positive Spirits, had to be extinguished, dissolved, and the reflections of evil too. Shri Ganesha at the most primordial level, running an isolated operation, had a directive to just continue until one of the Divine incarnations recognized the secret to the functional power and operation of that wicked child. I recognized the trick today, and have canceled the whole project. See, there are always three primordial demons sent into each string of Creation, and in this one there was satan, lucifer and beelzeboul. The rest were reflections. I recognized this was the case because of a grey alien born in a Human appearing body, the incarnation of beelzeboul, a man who calls himself ‘Sri Swami Vishwananda’. I met him on 11 November 2003 (11-11-2003 – 1+1+1+1+2 x 3 = 666). Revelation 13 of the Holy Bible mentions that one who has all understanding, (Jesus Christ, Shri Kalki, Imam al Mahdi), would see this. Today I was examining the energy nature of that devil incarnation and saw that these master expressions were just hot air! I ‘called the bluff’ of the whole original evil being and collapsed all its established forces in all Creations just when the most recent Creation of Creations had reached almost 93% (ninety three percent) destruction from the infection of evil. Also, the witch of that original devil has been killed, all locked up in My fires, and I’m Shri Ganesha in this Creation, innately, and now I’ve been afforded the privilege of becoming the Incarnation of Shri Ganesha, the Primordial and original Divine within the structure of all the Creation of Creations.

In a few hours from now I’ll be presentable to the original God and Goddess who have never seen any of Their children, not even Shri Ganesha who They sent forth to establish below the original demon. In countless eons upon eons of timeless time one of the Divine Messiah Incarnations has returned all the viability to His Divine origin parents to continue evolving in Their own right. The original God and Goddess, beyond the Divine Principle and the original demon, required a basis, a platform upon which to base Themselves, a structure of tested and refined purity, and now it is finally available to the original Divine.

Now all the devils in spirit state and incarnated have lost their support, their identity and power. Never before in any of the Divine operations to destroy evil has it become so simple as to just wish away the souls and spirits of evil. All compensation is being calculated, that for all the losses ever. Now I stand as the Son, Shri Hamstrecht (pronounced as ‘Ham-stregcht’), with My Sacred Spouse, at the Lotus Feet of Shri Ganesha, who is called, at the most primordial level, Shri Blanchest and His Holiness’ Sacred Spouse. The Divine prefers to not publish the names of Their Sacred Spouses at this level, for now. I now earn creation and reparation powers, restitution and healing of all the positive and loving Beings, from the Children of Divinity to the infinite Creations of Creation.

It is an irony, perhaps even something that was a facilitating factor to My success in this seemingly impossible, yet know to be viable, mission that My own Divine born wife to be on this planet Earth of Shri Sadashiva’s had turned against Me, the woman who was born with the name ‘Sarah’ to become ‘Shri Sarah’, the ‘Lamb’s Wife’, as described in the Holy Bible’s Revelation 19 and 21. People had told her their opinions and she simply accepted their lies at face value, not feeling the truth of Divinity through vibrations felt in the palms of the hands, as described by God’s Holy Spirit born, the Comforter, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi, (Holy Primordial Power Mother Holy Immaculate Goddess, as Sanskrit language means of Her Holiness’ Divine Name).

As a result Jesus Christ, Shri Kalki was cut off from His power supply, His Divine partner on Earth, and all I could muster was 2% (two percent) power as Christ. People might not realize that Mother Mary gave Jesus Christ of Nazereth Him powers when They lived on Earth about two thousand years ago. In 1991 Revelation 1 of the Holy Bible occurred, and My Sacred Spouse experienced it too. She had been lived alive by My efforts, protected by Me since birth, as I recall that when I was four years old in 1978 I was handed a little girl in spiritual nature to protect. I think that Sarah became lazy, because in 1992 I saw a woman in a social setting who walked up to Me after a sever satanic attack occurred during the manifestation of Revelation 2 of the Holy Bible, the reconstruction of the ten levels of the Lake of Fire structure in the Universe, and Sarah told Me that I shouldn’t worry as one day I would become the most beautiful thing!” Thing? Anyway, she walked on, out the door, gone! The Divine intended that She should introduce herself after having discovered, through Divine consciousness, the Incarnation of the Son of God, Shri Kalki, Jesus Christ! Hahaha!! What? Something went wrong in that woman’s head, and she was summarily punished in a spiritual way. It seems as though her intellect was reduced, because since then Sarah went downhill and denied her Divine born husband just when everything was set to begin, just after the seven seals of Revelation of the Holy Bible had been opened on 31 August 2003, at 15H22 (Central African Time). Anyway, I turned everything around with My two percent power of Christ and went on to annihilate the origin of all evil, the father of satan and all devils everywhere.

It’s interesting to note that a few days ago the Uranus square Pluto energy was again activated, and last night the Sun was conjuct Uranus in war-natured, boundlessly energetic Aries, and the Sun was square Pluto, and My natal Chiron 16Ari43 was precisely conjunct transiting Sun. Chiron brings to bear a higher consciousness, a guru power of transformation capabilities. Transiting Saturn is sextile My natal stellium in Aquarius within 1 degree from natal Sun conjunct Venus. Transiting Mars in Taurus in 7 degrees conjuct My natal Mars 12Tau15, which is also conjunct the natal Mars in Ms. Nirmala Sarva, the Incarnation of Shri Adi Shakti, God’s Holy Spirit at 12:00 (India Time), 21 March 1923, and who became active as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on 5 May 1970 A.D. After Her Holiness’ Samadhi (Divine passing away) in February 2011 I took over Shri Mataji’s Deity and Her Powers and Sahaja Yoga’s Deity and Powers to support upon My own seven ‘Churches of Asia’, seven Chakras, seven candlesticks (Revelation 1). Thus this astrological event secured the infinitely unattainable victory against the original evil being, and its name has not, and never will be known.

So all the seditious Humans, all the devils, even alien animals, are being banished, and will be spiritually dissolved over a four hundred year, extended, period, and their bodies, their species will be eradicated, although Humans are not to become extinct.


Jai Shri Mataji!!!!

With all My Love

Shri Kalki, Shri Hamstrecht, Shri Sadashiva recently Incarnated, Richard Embleton, born 04:26 (-01:00 GMT / UT) 24 January 1974 A.D.



2015, and the rebuilt Shri Kalki, Second Incarnation of Jesus Christ – 15 March 2015 A.D.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

Currently I’m much stronger. There are a few hundred people in the world who have understood what I’ve shown Humanity. I’m on the Golden Egg of Brahma Primordial Soul of Creation energy zone in Lammermoor Equestrian Estate, Northern Johannesburg, South Africa. I’m adjacent to the large field, and am preparing the final remnants of evil for the Lake of Fire. A lot of things have changed, and satan is gone. I am dissolving satan, the infinite and primordial whole of satan, as I accessed the ‘seed of satan’ to pull down all the rest of it, hahahaha!!!!!! Certain personalities of satan include ‘nebuchadnezzar’, as found in the King James Version of the Holy Bible in Jeremiah 29. Thing is that satan went on higher an higher until I found more like satan, beings such as ‘kraigival’, ‘vengl’, ‘mangloshlok’, brengzvuul’, ‘turghmanna’. The largest was ‘kraigival’. There were many such primordial ‘beyond’ state demons, 1,2 billion (one billion two hundred million, and change). God at a much higher state, the point which is beyond even Himself, was dealing with these ingrates for too long. Finally I activated the rebuild sequence out of necessity, because the stupid devils that fiddled around in Sahaja Yoga to test Humanity’s best offerings went and made a long job much easier, haha!!

I’ve since removed the nice souls and spirits from the seditious ‘used to be’ Sahaja Yoga practitioners. I also meditated Shri Shiva and Shri Parvati out of the Heavens, had built a feminine soul for My Sacred Spouse, to protect and carry Her within a body in this world. Then Rudra and Durga expressed, Shri Mahakali, Shri Mahasaraswati, Shri Rama and Shri Sita incarnated, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s Deity, actual Shri Adi Shakti and Sahaja Yoga, the Deity in this Universe all incarnated. Finally Shri Sadashiva, God Almighty, was able to incarnate beside Shri Kalki, and He brought His Adi Shakti too, thus double Shri Adi Shakti in this world!!  Shri Ganesha with the elephant head is now also incarnated beside Shri Mahavishnu Ganesha. Ganapati has a body!!!

And the higher state of For Whom there is No Name Found is active and incarnating. This is why satan and its older and younger siblings are gone into a dissolving area outside of existence. I finally did it!!!

Now I need to complete the Holy Bible events of processing the damned out through the Revelation 20:11 Being Who I’ve managed to establish. I’m a tough boy, let Me tell you!!! Nobody was there to help, except for a few hundred people who’ve become assistants, carrying weight of spiritual work more and more. There’s a lot of wrath and accountability from the Divine!!

The energy zone here is about seven kilometers from the other point of the Primordial Soul, Shri Adi Virata. I stayed at the other point for a year, and have returned to the northern point for some fine-tuning. I was caused to leave the other place by devils, so that gave Me the work completed! Psalm 37:13, 15. Haha!

Cool energy in the palms of the hands indicate a ‘yes’ answer from God.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!  (Salutations to the Holy Mother)

With all My Love,

Richard Embleton, Shri Kalki, Jesus Christ, Imam Al Mahdi, Isa, Hunab’Ku, Mushoshonono (to the Zulu), Rudra, Shiva, Rama re-incarnated with the tenth incarnation of Shri Vishnu (Shri Kalki), and eleven Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Mother Mary Powers on top, and even two Shri Krishna and Shri Radha Powers to help Me establish a full second Shri Kalki. I’m all the ten Incarnations of Shri Vishnu, all the Deities and Goddess Powers incarnated, and more, as Shri Adi Shakti is truly infinite.

Richard Embleton - March 2014

Richard Embleton, Shri Kalki, Jesus Christ, March 2015. 

The Grand Take-over by God inside of Shri Kalki’s Incarnation – 21 March 2015 A.D.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

The Lake of Fire is functional. The primordial demon was satan, and he produced his witch, preslach, then they produced lucifer and velkrol, beelzeboul and zvaghnath, and ravana and rudhaven.

The original devils, prunzvell, and its witch, povell, are dead and is outside of Existence and Beyond Existence, waiting with its brother and sister, krenzvagh and brachtell, and they will meet satan and his primordial family in 2018 A.D. when they too are removed from the Lake of Fire to reside in the dissolving chambers outside of Existence and Beyond Existence.

The Primordial level of God Shri Sadashiva, of Allah, has been incarnated into the Incarnation of Shri Kalki. This occurred on 27 February 2015 A.D. At that level God does not measure as ‘Almighty’, but is immeasurable, and He does not require His Shri Adi Shakti Sacred Spouse to function.
Also, the incarnation of a tiny little devil was made to appear as a huge demon called beelzeboul, and the satanic Free Mason Lodge made him the Grand Dragon of the whole world, haha!! So I told all the devils, through consciousness conversation, that this is the case and they lost all the gathered up power over about fifty odd years!!! Then I started to mention to many well-known devils in the world that I had caused them to contract HIV / AIDS, the worst strains of all. This was achieved by horizontal meditation, something that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (God’s Holy Spirit – John 14:26. John 15:26 of the Holy Bible) explained, the method by which the Divine can cause events to occur in the Universe. This included the ‘black pope’ (secret pope and highly satanic ruler, and also a tiny little devil made to appear as if he’s a massive devil incarnation through some high level Divine harmonics. In fact all big devils are actually not those big devil spirits, but are small ones. I actually took hundreds of millions of the most powerful demons, male and female, into My incarnation at birth to kill them all.

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

With all My Love,
Shri Kalki, God, and For Whom There Is No Name Found, Beyond, Beyond, Beyond



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