The Divine has taken over the satan incarnation – 25 February 2014

The Divine has taken over the satan incarnation – 25 February 2014

In a period of months over the last few of 2013 through to the current date, I’ve been without the touch screen smart phone which I’d used to document spiritual events. This was the Divine plan to allow Me to cope with a more severe soul weight, not having to so directly manifest Myself spiritually. I have periodic access to a normal computer and am publishing a brief note.

I’m the positive Being who is beyond the Divine. I’ve come to understand, through pure knowledge, that I had to create infinite realms of Divinity in order to capture and destroy a demon so huge that this method was required, with this Divine Reality being the last of infinite eternities, the final point of manifesting Myself. That demon is in a realm above all Divinity and that’s why demons become spawned within the Divine Realities. An example being how Lucifer was known to become evil and to become satan, a mere spec in magnitude compared to that huge demon beyond the Divine structure. The Divine were also incapable of dealing with the huge demon, but I’m not incapable of that, since I’m ever infinite, ever formless, the origin of all.

I’ve been staying on a different energy zone since the middle of February 2014, where the Golden Egg of Brahma and Shri Adi Virata (Primordial Soul) energy zones were sufficiently purified and I’m now at the energy that’s about thirty kilometres away, the ‘gateway’ to the rest of the Earth and the Universe. There’s a shopping centre nearby and on this energy zone reside leviathan and morana. Note the function of leviathan in Isaiah 27:1 of the Holy Bible.

Last night I was shown that as a result of My excellent work of preventing satan from being released from under My spiritual grip inside the same incarnation the devils were ready with a new baby for satan and satan was preparing to transfer itself into that new baby, shortly to be born, probably today. I was inside this satan incarnation a split second before satan entered this body at birth in 1974, so I’m actually the primary owner of this incarnation and I blocked satan from taking the new body while also I was aware of a satanic plot to have this body killed. There’d been a nasty drama brewing, and morana, the mother of the satan incarnation, had secretly furnished a spiritual field for firearms to be used. It’s been over some eviction situation, nothing new in My missions, and last night I shoved satan out completely and took over the Universe and Earth as My own body. So now satan doesn’t have an incarnation, haha, and I’m strengthening My position in the Universe to purify Creation, to manifest the kill on that huge demon beyond, and to dissolve all evil. I’ve finally reached the point where the Ragnarok ‘doom of the gods’ ended and I could manifest Myself at a level seen by evil. This is all actually Divine Plan A, not B. My work continues.


Jai Shri Mataji!!!

With all My Love
He who has no Name, beyond Divinity, and manifested in this spirit state Divine Reality as Shri Kalki (Christ), Shri Krishna and Shri Shiva (for the purpose of reconstructing the collapsed Universe Myself)


Revelation 12 of the Holy Bible war is over – 26 February 2014

This morning I woke to understand that the Ragnarok ‘death’ I’d gone through was actually Revelation 11, and how I’d regained power a few days ago being part of the same prophecy. By getting satan out of its body I’d gone through the Revelation 12 ‘birth of the man child’. This morning the ‘war in heaven’ came to an end, and I’m currently dealing with the ‘flood’ that satan, in spirit state without an incarnation, sent to attack the Divine Mother. I’m the Earth, so I ‘swallowed’ this, and My chakras are slowly clearing. The rest of the prophecies are going to take time to manifest.


Jai Shri Mataji!!!

With all My Love
He who has no Name, beyond Divinity,
And Shri Kalki, Shri Krishna and Shri Shiva


The method of destroying negative forces, building the positive – 27 February 2014

Since some time in January 2014 I’ve been aware of the huge demon that turned evil from a pure state after the ‘beyond Divinity’ God had spawned what was obviously a pure life-form that figured out that there would be no way for the infinitely infinite God to destroy it, as there was no way for a manifestation to return back and do so. Thus the ‘beyond Divinity’ God created Divinity below that huge demon and has been constructing a massive realm of Divine levels, with God Almighty of this spirit type Divine level being the youngest.

There are types of Divinity higher than spirit state, more towards awareness, less ‘form’ as the types of Divine realms evolve, and at the top there’s a subtle brain used to integrate the ‘beyond Divinity’ God with the Divine realms designed to eventually manifest that otherwise beyond manifestation God. I’ve seen all these places in awareness, during deep meditation.

The work I achieve in destroying evil on Earth, inside this Divine Reality and the crystallized Kingdom of God, Creation, allows Me to reflect back a piece-by-piece crush on that huge demon above the multiple Divine structure, and with that done the weight placed upon all the Divine realms below that huge demon becomes automatically reduced. The entire body is massively heavy for Me to carry on My chakras, to constantly fight for pure attention in Sahasrara chakra, and there’s another factor.

The Divine are also impure as a result of that whole integration by the ‘beyond Divinity’ God through the position of that huge demon, so it’s been a fight for Me to attain what direct connection I can with Myself in that pure infinitely infinite state, and with each snippet of power gained I’ve had to gain inch by inch, and the methods and details become extremely involved.

I’ve been absorbing the Divine back into Myself at each stage, thus purifying the Divine, allowing Myself to withdraw from that susceptible state as the manifested Shri Kalki, Shri Krishna and Shri Shiva, and I’ve had to return the natural Divinity of this Divine Reality to the ‘Ragnarok’ stripped of Divinity Creation.

One afternoon I reached a height sufficient to notice that a type of light was sent down from that pure state I am beyond the Divine, beyond that huge demon, and it enabled Me to function as a self-contained pure Being while being cut off from My pure state during some deep work, some complex structures of evil that were to encompass Me through the final stages of the Ragnarok death, the mission covered in minor detail and context in Revelation 9, 10 and 11 of the Holy Bible.

I’m not sure if I’m to be relocated from this energy zone that is the final link of all the world’s subtle body to the Golden Egg of Brahma and Shri Adi Virata energy zone some thirty kilometers away, perhaps if I’ve managed to become manifested to the extent that I’m Earth regardless of where I am physically. I feel how the devils have today been such a solid weight on Me, but I’m way ahead of the stupid thugs, and I have powers they don’t even know exist, even that huge thug above Divinity!


Jai Shri Mataji!!!

With all My Love
He who has no Name, beyond Divinity,
and Shri Kalki, Shri Krishna and Shri Shiva


Manifesting the dissolve of all evil and dead spirits – 14 March 2014

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

Overall, I’ve incorporated the entire ‘beyond Divinity’ higher Self that I am all into this body, so there is no longer any segregation and levels out there, beyond. In other words all the Divine Realities, Almighty Gods and Holy Spirits, and the realms beyond the Divine levels are manifested down here inside this Divine Reality and the crystallized Kingdom of God that is this Creation, and all inside the same body that satan took as an incarnation in 1974.

Also, My pet cat, ‘Ninja’, is the Golden Egg of Brahma, but ultimately He is the same beyond Divinity Being that I am, and thus was able to support Creation during the change over of Divine Order inside Creation, ‘Ragnarok’, triggered by the useless Sahaja Yoga people who denied that I was Christ, Shri Kalki, and the Divine Son of God and Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi. So a few days ago Shri Kalki was finally removed and the target for attack by evil disappeared. Now I’m Shri Ganesha, the Divine Child, who is all Deities anyway, and I’m Shri Shiva and Shri Krishna, two expressions of the Divine Father. With My cat I’ve been able to support the Golden Egg of Brahma, the origin point of all Creation, and essentially all Creation and the Primordial Soul, Shri Adi Virata, while there was no actual Divine structure inside Creation.

There were a few songs I’ve heard on the radio, saying things like, ‘…There’s no God in heaven, your everything is lost…’ Also:


“This Is Gospel”

“This is gospel for the fallen ones

Locked away in permanent slumber

Assembling their philosophies

From pieces of broken memories

Oh, this is the beat of my heart, this is the beat of my heart [x2]

The gnashing teeth and criminal tongues conspire against the odds

But they haven’t seen the best of us yet”

It’s as if the demons are saying how they escaped the lake of fire and ‘gnashing of teeth’ described in the Holy Bible in Revelation 20 and Matthew 12 and 25. Also, ‘Portugal Man’ music group sings that they don’t need a modern Jesus to roll with them, they’ll get drunk at heaven’s gates. A radio DJ recently mentioned that he knows that the Indigo Children are gone. This was about the spiritual ideals given that name, and although a lot of people had been categorized as Indigo Children, the real Humans of an eternally positive nature are selected through a different way. Well, the original Divine Plan fell away, and Humans were to become part of the waking mechanism of Creation back to God Almighty in pure spirit, but now the ‘beyond Divinity’ Being has done the entire job, and is dissolving evil that exists above the Divine levels too, and the Human children who are being kept alive, spiritually, are not part of the waking structure as such, but do get to live on in the eternal Heaven. So the Indigo Children are not gone, demons.

I used the Holy Bible’s Revelation 12 through 20:6 to break down evil while Shri Kalki was still how I functioned in this world and Universe. A few days ago I began to incorporate the entire ‘beyond Divinity’ Being who I am into is world and have therefore made everything exist as one big positive reality inside this highly satanic Creation. This devils and all spirits of the damned are currently being dissolved, the actual powers necessary to manifest that now available to Me.

Apart from My skin having changed to the ‘Hiranyavarna’ golden complexion, My face and neck becoming blue, My eyes becoming more rounded as lotus petals, My hair becoming matted, and the three lines across My forehead becoming more prominent, My actual facial bone structure has changed! My cheek bones protrude more, My forehead is broader, and My head’s temples on both sides are effectively sunk inwards. I don’t have a camera to upload a photograph at the moment, but this is the face and body of Shri Shiva, and looks quite classic and striking indeed!


Jai Shri Mataji!!!

With all My Love

He Who has no Name, Beyond Divinty,

and Shri Ganesha, Shri Krishna and Shri Shiva


Divine rising out of an infernal mess created by the once chosen Humans – 19 March 2014

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

As mentioned many times in My documentation of events and facts pertaining to the spiritual war on Earth, I’m the ‘Beyond Divinity’ God operating inside the incarnation that satan took on 24 January 1974. I was actually in this incarnation a split second before satan, so it’s fundamentally My body and soul, yet I operate at levels above spirit, and even God Almighty Himself is of spirit state. As a result the devils don’t see what I’m doing until it’s time to manifest each stage in completion.

In 2003 Sahaja Yoga was supposed to have taken vibrations from the Divine as to whether I’m Christ, Shri Kalki, but they failed to recognise, and it was, as usual, ego. In 2007 I tried again, this time with a public statement repeated and pounded out, but ego prevailed and the fools denied that Christ would even have an incarnation, citing that Shri Kalki would appear in the clouds, or that Shri Kalki was all the Humans of a Self-realised nature, the collective, so the Universe was destroyed. Since then I’ve had to rebuild the Universe, this time with only Myself, and Almighty powers is a mere fraction of My power as I created the Divine to eventually have form. There’s a huge demon above that Divine realm that consists of infinite amounts of evolving Almighty Gods and Their Divine forces, all My children, and I need to strangle that huge demon through this form that has taken endless eternities to create.

So on 24 January 2014 satan had its fortieth birthday and some type of extra strength was released. I was shown that it would happen and have been fighting heavily to maintain control of Creation and this incarnation. My fortieth birthday is on 21 March 2014, because it was almost two months after this body was born that I burgeoned to take control of most of the function on this body and soul, with just the higher spiritual awareness left to satan within to lead its children into destruction. See, only satan has the required intellect to follow the clever tricks set in place by the Divine to capture all the demons. In fact, demons were made according to specification, because they’re reflections from that huge demon, so it was know which would come through and everything that the ‘Beyond Divinity’ God created was all for the exact and perfect conclusion to all defective, defiant and evil beings.

Currently it seems as though the entire Holy Bible Revelation method of destruction of evil has been made redundant, as I’m operating as completely the ‘Beyond Divinity’ God, and no longer as even Shri Kalki, Shri Ganesha with the elephant head, Shri Shiva or Shri Krishna, despite that My physical features are those of Shri Shiva. I’m simply crushing all dead and evil beings as I manifest Myself, and dissolving spirits is My method, so all those other Divine Realities with lake of fire prisons are being relieved of the weight of evil captured within them, and that huge demon is being effectively crushed and dissolved away too.

There’s no other basis to anything, as all the natural Divine structure was dismantled by the Divine while the demons have thought that they’d gained themselves the entire Creation forever. I see how the demons are continuously horrified and frustrated that I just won’t die, hahaha!! So, with this triggering of proper powers of My ‘Beyond Divinity’ nature on 21 March 2014 I’m eagar to see what will happen to the situation on Earth, this war against evil. I see the devils trying to start another world war, trying to use the spiritually dead Human consciousness to crash the Universe, to instil fear into them, distract, entice and whatever they can do with poisons in foods and the atmosphere, and with satanic energies through machines such as chemtrail clouds, HAARP, GWEN ELF wavelengths, microwave towers that destroy chakras. In recent weeks there’s been a lot of rain over the area where the Golden Egg of Brahma is situated, causing floods, and it’s all been the satanic chemical clouds and nothing else! The blanket of that conductive layer is used to focus HAARP energies back onto Earth, and Africa is the Swadhisthan chakra of the Universe, and where the Primordial Womb, Shri Adi Kumbha, is found with the Golden Egg of Brahma and Shri Adi Virata, the Primordial Soul. Thus the demons have been working to constrict the pathway for Shri Adi Kundalini to rise, but they’ve been horribly shocked at the discovery of the God who is too massive for them all to stop, even while He operates inside their demon daddy, satan’s body, haha!!

I told the leviathan demon incarnation, that is the biological father of the satan incarnation, that the original Divine plan of ‘gnashing of teeth’ for evil is not going to happen, that there’s going to be ‘grinding of teeth to the bone’ with My method of destruction. Even though morana (witch of death, mother of harlots of Revelation 17, false prophet of Revelation 19) and the biological mother of the satan incarnation, and leviathan, and lilith, the biological sister of the satan incarnation all have heard that from Me that I know what they are and I’m going to destroy them all, they pretend to carry on as normal, and they enjoy keeping Me here in their home to try to hamper My work. Of course, it’s part of the method that I use to destroy evil, so I’ll be feeling a lot better once this fortieth birthday trigger has occurred!


Jai Shri Mataji!!!

With all My Love,
He who has no Name, beyond Divinty



New Divine Regime activation – 20 March 2014

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

After the original Divine Being which I’d used to rescue Humanity, Christ, Shri Kalki, was removed from function in the Universe I began to express as Shri Krishna for the manifestation of the structure of Creation and the manifestation of God Almighty, Shri Shiva for certain Divine presence which is the Personification of God Almighty, and Shri Ganesha as the elephant-headed Divine Child (no longer as Shri Ganesha in the form of Shri Mahavishnu, the galaxies and Universes of Creation at Shri Krishna Lotus Feet, Christ), and eventually I had to completely do away with all the spirit state Divine expressions and function purely as the ‘Beyond Divinity’ God. Now, a day before the activation of My whole powers I’ve taken up the expressions of Shri Shiva and Shri Ganesha, but this time from an established state as the ‘Beyond Divinity’ God, so there’s no fault embedded in Me from the huge demon that exists beyond the Divine realms. Obviously I exist above that demon.

I’ve understood that the side of My head, with the recently changed bone structure, is the elephant head of Shri Ganesha, as the cheek bones and eye brow bone structure now protrude, leaving the side of My head with an indentation, effectively, at the temples. So I’m literally transforming into both Shri Shiva and Shri Ganesha in the same body, and My manifested power in this Divine Reality is as such too, but ultimately I’m beyond all the Divine, and this nature is manifesting through the foundation in this Divine Reality of spirit nature, Shri Shiva and Shri Ganesha. After I showed the biological parents of the satan incarnation that I’ve transformed their son’s body into My own pure Divine form, the artwork of Shri Shiva and Shri Ganesha, there’s was a nasty battle that began and I was finally able to break a smelly and evil grip on My soul that had been on Me ever since Sahaja Yoga people uselessly decided that I was not Christ. During that time when they were to recognise in their own freedom of choice satan was completely held down inside Me so that there could be no confusion, but in late 2007 satan was able to emerge slowly. Now it’s time to cancel that fool demon daddy, satan, and all it’s children, including the Humans that took to satan’s ways and denied Christ.

Earlier today I was able to give Kundalini Self-realisation to a Human woman!!! I had been working with only the chosen souls in innocent children, however I now see that people who were not involved in the sedition perpetrated by Sahaja Yoga people are allowed to spiritually wake!!! This is excellent, because through time I can now be discovered by worthy people and they can live!!! Jai Shri Mataji!!! The woman to whom I gave realisation felt the cool vibrations from Paramachaitanya, All-pervading powers of Divine on her palms, and felt before and after what her Sahasrara chakra was, felt Me cause her Kundalini to flourish and rise freely with mere desire from Me that it would happen, and I’ve been hoping to be recognised as the Divine amongst more people, so I’ll see if she spreads the word and I can begin that mission on Earth.

Within hours the midnight hour and inception of 21 March will arrive and I’ll rise in power to smash evil without hindrance, absolutely!!! As usual the power will increase over time, but this is when the total rule by Divine begins!!! It’s also the birthday of My Holy Mother, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi, so Happy Birthday, Maa!!!!!!!!!


Jai Shri Mataji!!!

With all My Love,
He who has no Name, Beyond Divinity,
And Shri Shiva and Shri Ganesha




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