Some practical advice on purifying spiritual desire

Some practical advice on purifying spiritual desire

Our Dearest Family!!!

Jai Shri Mataji!!!

Your desire is what works, and Spirit moves by using desire, so while there is the transition of consciousness, which is very nicely successful in many people already, to see that desire is kept pure by sending any desire up into Sahasrara, will maintain the purity and innocence of whatever desire there is. Where emotions are added to a desire, then the emotions are infecting the purity of the desire. For example, if You feel how much You want to help all souls, then Your Human emotions activate and refract, dispurse the desire, but in detachment (non-attachment), You can become as Pure Desire, as Kundalini (River of Life, Ruh of Allah) and then You actually manifest Your desire into the universe with all Your Spirit power included. That is the most powerful thing then. So send all feelings, intentions, selfless and for all aspects of Your and all life, into Sahasrara to be purified in the fires there, and if all Your life is placed there, You will become 100% free from the troubles that will only exist around You, but may not then enter into Your life and soul. Then it is to maintain that place of personal safety haven within Yourself, and then Your desire for collective gathering and realization makes all souls gather in automatic response. Shri Adi Kundalini responds to a Pure Desire that has a love and desire for all. The tenth soul is the complete nature of Shri Adi Virata, the Divine Primordial Soul, and so the concepts about this cannot produce the correct signature nature. So all desire, even for mundane things in life, should be steadily held in Sahasrara, and maintained in position, and the integrity of Sahasrara, the actualy manifestation of God’s Kingdom inside Creation, must be held upright, steady and uneffected at its core, by internal and external disturbances!

Some folks have a feeling of dissatisfaction. Use the time You have free, whether in a meditation session or not, and intentionally press forwards and into focus, Your desire power and hold it still and intend to calm Your desire searching for satisfaction. The degree of calmness and the amount of time will work well only if You can learn to prevent the destruction of Your desire power by letting Yourselves fall back into searching for satisfaction of desire. Only Spirit can make You properly satisfied.

So by learning to manage Your desire power, You will piece by piece purify Your desire and Kundalini will recognize Your desire as such and will rise and integrate You. Be careful not to go and hold down Your desire, but to only allow purification of desire through a calm consciousness and attention, with an attempted detachment. You will become sad and fall into the past thoughts if You suppress desires. It might sound very complicated, all this, but the more simple You keep this, the better You’ll get the right job done!!! Once You get Your Powers waking, life automatically becomes easier. While life is difficult, You want out of that situation and trade away Your Powers with seeking for satisfaction of the little and comparatively trivial things in life, from thoughts that please You through to better situations, material things. Often, something as sneaky as ambition for a better job can be defended by somebody who thinks that all things will benefit by them having a better job, but by investing time, attention and desire into that ambition or ideal condition in life, the call to Kundalini is drowned out and the person remains sunk into loss and wanting of a better life situation. In such circumstances, Paramchaitanya / All-pervading Powers of Divine cannot flow through the person, in from Sahasrara, and Spirit cannot wake properly, and problems pile up!!!

So, to get out of that ditch, simply take the time aside often throughout the day, even while working on whatever You’re doing, and intentionally hold Your desire power out to be purified, and try to avoid getting drawn into thoughts that might increase in strength and number, and might include sharp emotional whips, because sensitivity increases where Kundalini integrates Pingala and Ida Nadis with Sushumna, and so detachment and silence of mind is necessary to allow Kundalini to continue to have that priority of desire power given to Her. And there is the grinding machine of Self-realization, that crushes any rock within, creating sweetness and love where discontent and the need to survive through each painful moment had been dominant in You!!! The simple way is the most practical way to purify desire power. And the double footsoak sees that the poisons get taken out of You!!!

A subtle consciousness technique almost too subtle to teach – March 2011

Jai Shri Mataji!

Now there is a subtle trick that I hope I can actually teach to you, hahaha!

Imagine a sword inside a beam of rising light. There is a deep hole all around the little island type altar where the sword is. So You cannot get to the sword, which is Spirit and proper control, automatic, so amazing. Like where you have whole conversations and listen to Yourself in amazement to what words you’ve said. See, now I never plan what I’ll say. I just open My mouth and speak as Spirit.

So you need to desire that sword over to yourself, but the moment you try to take the sword, your hands will go through the handle, as if you are a ghost, hahaha!!

So the trick is to not have the ‘wanting’ for that Spirit in control, and simply chip away what keeps detachment from being total. Pure Desire for Spirit is different to wanting Spirit knowledge.

Then, in reverse, you will wake and find the sword is laid into your hands, just when you finally did not care one way or the other, hahaha!

This is not about Human intelligence. It’s about Divine intelligence.

If you know that you have a certain percentage of yourself in control, then use that as a complete tool to gather more of yourself, and covert and protect what you own of yourself in sweet detachment. The moment you ‘want’ Spirit, you lose the sword.

When you have wondered in such deep meditation, in the green moss and ancient, huge tree forests that you will experience, then you will realize that You have finally become all that you can be as Spirit, while there is the limit with this 9th version souls that Jesus Christ, Shri Mahavishnu, set up two thousand years ago. The 10th Shri Vishnu soul type will allow us to be completely Spirit in soul form, not body form, where God’s Holy Spirit Incarnation, Shri Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, had that body form Spirit awareness as a singular Being, but we are collective in basic soul structure, these incarnations.

Desire takes a new form as a bird of light that does not exist, as something to hold or even understand, comprehend, appreciate, feel. All that level is not able to deal with the nature of a mature desire that as a free bird to fly at height, and then you and Kundalini, River of Life, arrive at the same signature energy vibration and nature, absolutely identical. Then you simply exist as Divine Love, Peace, Joy…

It would be wasted to try to trigger that in people who do not have enough settled meditation yet. These words are living, connected, and are capable of connecting souls to Spirit, so it would literally be wasted, until sufficient deep, drifting states of permanent meditation have been established.

Just let your awareness witness the words a few times. Not to try to order or remember the points. Let the living trigger affect You inside your heart, deeply, in calm detachment.

All life is vibrations of various nature, and trust in them aligns one with Spirit

The type of people who are ideal for helping Humanity wake in spiritual consciousness, ‘vibration people’, are the true Kalki Christ Collective. God is the origin of all vibrations, and the demons are merely negatives and also have their version of vibrations. Spirit is vibration, and vibrations are not illusionary. I thrive on vibrations, and because I do, I made Myself become the Spirit so much. If people use vibrations only as a medium to ‘assist’ their spiritual evolution, then they are not existing on vibrations all the time, and cannot assist anybody else to define Spirit in this world. It is felt as a direct insult to all positive vibrations to be considered as secondary importance!!! The heavy lifting is done by people who trust and desire vibrations before they even take their first waking breath of air in the morning.

It is difficult to convey what happens to people who do not trust and define all life through vibratory awareness and enjoyment of positive vibrations, however limited in supply. A type of death begins to set into them. Demons load up, and the Divine cannot reach into the souls of those who, in their freedom, have placed vibrations, Spirit, Kundalini, God Almighty at second place to the flat and dry, poisoned level of consciousness and illusion of this world. Even great, swaying words and bold ‘dedications’ don’t work in a world that is torn with spiritual war and gnashing teeth, slamming angers, and pain. This war is not for the frivolous, who have bold minds and caged hearts. Your hearts must be as soft and cuddly as a kitten’s play basket, you must not have even one piece of Human mind in you, ultimately. The collective form of Kalki Christ developing around Himself, that is not defined by numbers of people, but rather by quality of heart and consciousness ridding itself of the mind of illusion, you are to become pure. Just dive into the Divine vibrations and enjoy, and You will naturally invite more and more Divine vibrations!!! It is freely on offer to those who can have the nature of a child, that simplicity is not some word pulled out in conversations of haughty grandure. You must BE simple!!! Shri Kalki Christ’s attention seeks the living, not the dead, but His process is to draw out more from that dead pool of Humanity to rescue them, and I need the very vibrantly living people to help, those who know vibrations are reality and who trust vibrations above anything else whatsoever!!!

As some general guru advice, thoughts will always exist, but the gentle, pure and calm thoughts of Spirit and Paramchaitanya / All-pervaiding Powers of God, need to be brought through where there is a silenced mind. It is a percentage by percentage growth that happens through that drifting silence. Let the interests in life be dealt with through detachment (non-attachment) held firmly, yet free to be natural, and ALL Your attention should become God’s attention, not Your own frivolous attention.

A need that you feel that is to be sweet and open-hearted, as a child, is a message to your Kundalini ‘River of Life’ to help you evolve and fine tune yourselves, and the whole Human collective ‘Being’ if there is no emotional and mental interferance. You then learn to wield yourselves as a magnificent intrument in the burgeoning Kingdom of God that you create inside this world through your diligence and free-handed self-control, without self observance. See, introspection is constructive and self observance is destructive.

We wake into subtle consciousness through a still lake of silence, where the ‘mind’ has no position of power, as it is brought to slumber through patience that doesn’t watch and expect, and our hearts are open, with love that doesn’t try to determine ‘worthy’ from ‘unworthy’, and in peace that allows the great, drifting halls of silence to be the birthplace of Spirit!

Jai Shri Mataji!

With all My Love
Shri Kalki

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