The Yogi Mechanism V

The Yogi Mechanism V

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

16 September 2008

This document is written by the Christ / Shri Kalki Incarnation Who works mainly behind the scenes before the Revelation 12 “birth” occurs and My transformation reaches first stage completion. The final stage will be complete when all of the sweeter, more balanced, calmer people in Humanity have been lifted up in deep meditation, 2013.
This document has quotes from the Bible, and no other source, and is not infringing on any copywrite protected material.

There comes a point where no more explanations are required, when a Human has begun to reside / exist as a Self-entity, above the Sahasrara, as opposed to below. A balance of Being is entirely necessary to be allowed into this realm of existence. I reached the point of entering into an existence above Sahasrara in the middle of September 2007. At that moment, I was reading the 2007 Sahasrara Messages where Shri Mataji described how certain people were in Sahasrara, yet didn’t realise. So I asked Shri Mataji that if I was in Sahasrara, could I please go deeper through, and suddenly a warm Power fell down over Me!! Now all the burning feelings from the evil in the Earth’s atmosphere that I felt as a result of partial Protection since starting Sahaja Yoga all went away and I felt comfortable for the first time!! I soon realised that I had arrived in a completely different place to where I had been when I was below Sahasrara. Now I had actually become a ‘Sahasrara Being’, not just a Human with some attention and Kundalini going into Sahasrara chakra. I now resided in Sahasrara. But I would repeatedly fall out of this ‘state of Being’ few a few weeks that initial transition. I began to imagine drilling a hole through the top of My head to get through, and then fitting My arms through, and very quickly I stopped falling out during the day. But there was always one time when I would find Myself outside of this Beautiful environment – as I woke up each day…

Now, I would say that all the previous documents I’ve ever written have been with the eventuality of this document in mind. Once You achieve an existence above Sahasrara, even just feel the ‘warm blanket’ a few times, then You will be free – no more need for words!!! Of course, all things occur according to the Divine Plan, and I got up on My own because I have the Shri Ganesha Power within Me, but it was the time for Me to rise, and had Shri Mataji decided it was not the time for it, then all the drilling of attention and ‘Being’ through and above Sahasrara would have served to only maintain a balance. At this stage in September 2008, My wife and the Paramatma (Original Spirit) Mother using Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Ashtalakshmi Goddess natures to have Her form and soul inside Creation, is now entering into this ‘state of Being’. She is now active in all Your Sahasrara chakras more and more, and She will be slowly receiving the position that Shri Mataji holds in all Yogi’s Sahasrara chakras, and has held since 1970. Parampuja Shri Sahasrara Swamini Shri Mataji in the form of Shri Raja Rajeshwari, the Ruler of Sahasrara, has Name 52 as ‘Shri Kalki Mahalakshmi – She is the Power of ascent of Shri Kalki.’ So to very subtle degrees, My wife is taking over as Mother of all Mothers as She is actually God in a Goddess form with natures beyond that which Shri Adi Shakti has, and You need to see Her as Your Mother in Sahasrara too. A bit confusing for some, perhaps, but there are 2 Shakti Incarnations, and one Masculine Incarnation in Sahasrara before the birth of Shri Kalki. Please hold all three of Us in Your attention, or You will not rise!!! That’s how the system works. The Revelation 12 ‘Mother’ of the ‘man child’ is not as the Human mind can understand.

Interestingly, My wife gave this technique the same name I did – ‘the attention drill’. She felt the warm ‘blanket’ fall over Her, and now She is rising to exist above Sahasrara. This now gives all of the Kalki Collective the opportunity to follow suit. Here are some helpful points:
– This is a conscious journey more than ever before, once You reach this stage. You do things by desiring to do them, and if You think about things, spell out the details in Your mind, You will ruin the state of consciousness that You now will be able to manifest beyond the mind. For example, if You want to connect to Your Spiritual Parents, in Yogi connections for better Support, then just desire it quietly and it will be done. Fight to resist even the slightest distraction from Sahasrara. The thing about the ‘attention drill’ is that You can go on working during the day and still maintain attention, because as soon as You have initiated existence above Sahasrara then You’ll find that You naturally stay up. Distractions of attention will destroy many hours and days of careful work within just minutes.

– Touch Your Brahmarandra with Your fingers, gently pushing and massaging, also make a curved right hand around where Kundalini rises up and heal Your actual Sahasrara chakra. If You are in public then do it discretely so that You end up doing it. It really helps to do this often!! It won’t help if attention drifts, though. This is a transition phase that wasn’t possible before. One of the 108 Names of Shri Mataji – ‘Shri Vilasini – The Universe is for Her pleasure, or She, at Her pleasure, either opens or closes the way to Self-realisation.’ For the Kalki Collective, the way is now open to You!!

– When You are about to fall asleep, align Your whole Being with balanced, calm emotions and mental body. When You wake up, before You can even think of something, catch Yourself and be quiet. Move by desire only. Be very careful about getting lost in thought at this stage. The Power of Kundalini is more evident now, and Your attention can so easily become free if You maintain it with a desire, not thought or trying or concepts. Just the same, Kundalini can give Power to the thoughts You might allow. Soon after the ‘warm blanket’ of the All-pervading Power / Paramachaitanya falls over You, You will no longer want to indulge in anything but vibrations!! They become Your only desire!! Self-realisation, Spirit, vibrations… all the same thing. No concept, just existence in Bliss, and thoughts that come to You now will be more from the All-pervading Power pouring in, and from Spirit manifesting as never before. You’ll instantly feel the difference on Your subtle body, because one type of thought will heal You, and another type will destroy You. This is why balance and the ‘Yogi mechanisms’ that work in the background were so important.

– Another Name of Shri Mataji’s is ‘Shri Paramodara – Of Supreme Generosity. Who readily responds to the prayers of Her devotees.’ So ask Shri Mataji to let You go into and above Sahasrara, and do Your part through a very calm, disciplined and detached consciousness and emotions. Kundalini is the healer, and when You desire a connection with all other Yogis then She will provide more Power to help You help them too. When everyone does that then You’ll see the final development of the Kalki Collective become manifested, individually and collectively. The time is now when collective 24-hour meditation will begin to develop. This is Your final step towards freedom and emancipation!! Desire collectivity.

All Divine Loves You!!! Desire Our Support always, and surrender more and more, in humility and trust. Keep attention up with Your whole Being, and watch for a lapse in the self-perpetuating healing Power of Kundalini attention on the Sahasrara Incarnations, and Pure Desire for Spirit. Thank You for Your love for Divine and all other Beings, Angels, Deva Spirits, Earth and the Universe!!!

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

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