The Yogi Mechanism III

The Yogi Mechanism III

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

23 August 2008

With the masses of people that there are who are chosen, who need to have a basic platform within Sahaja Yoga, and a basic knowledge of terminology, chakras, protocol, techniques, comprehension of the Human situation here on Earth, that Sahaja Yoga Humans are soldiers for the Divine, all ways to help the consciousness release into the higher dimension, it all can be very distracting, and also, can be the ‘grazing fields’ for half-hearted people who become fanatical and ritualistic. The risk was there always, and Shri Mataji has had to simply forgive and keep on gathering more, educating and establishing loyalty and faith, and maintaining the acceptance and standard of Sahaja Yoga, the ‘vehicle’ for Human Spiritual emancipation. When I began Sahaja Yoga, I learned the basic techniques, and I took what I needed to get the job done, and then I used that only. I knew that only when the awareness was enlightened by Spirit, then a Greater Knowledge would be available to Me, so the only reason I went digging for information to create a context of where Humans stand in this world was to help others out, with the main work being ‘The Nefilim Maya’. But when it came to the meditation sessions, the work was halted. Then the desire to discover this outer knowledge was re-assigned, not suppressed, not indulged, but placed in the correct place. It wasn’t realistic and practical for Me to boldly think that I could maintain attention on Sahasrara while living in the normal daily events, and so when I walked into the dark, outside car garage where I would meditate, I simply said to Myself that now is MY time!!! No compromise!!! All the concepts of reality in this poor world, and desire to swim through thoughts of how wonderful life would become one day, was assigned to a simple place of honest and resolute Desire for silence of mind, and for Spirit to have Kundalini Power. I saw things as “how many Kundalini strands are in the centre, and how many are being stolen away?” There were no big and elaborate ideas in that room. There was Shri Mataji’s photo, Me, My Kundalini and the Deities. I look back at that and I’m amazed at the simplicity, but the masses would never have had enough substance in Sahaja Yoga if Shri Mataji had have set it up that way. But You all need to be exceptions to the masses. And one day, when the Kalki Collective is active on Earth, all Sahaja Yogis will need to do the same. Of all that I have ever said, everything comes down to this – that Kundalini does the Work and You sit back and allow Her to rise. Did You know that the Sanskrit word ‘Shushumna’ means ‘Channel of Ascent’? Kundalini only rises when She has a silent and stable pathway.

I did, and still do use My hands to heal chakras, and because I always have new and existing Yogis on My chakras, all in pain, I need to keep doing that, so please use Your hands, even when not in a session. Early on I heard that when the hands are held to Shri Mataji’s photo, the Sahasrara is opened, and so every possible moment, I have held my hands to Her photo. I see things as tools, Kundalini is a loving life-force, and I love Her, but I see the practicality, so there is genuine depth, but it is combined with realistic application. For nearly 5 years I’ve been walking around wherever I go with one had to the pendant photo of Shri Mataji, and the other in alternating draining of negative energy, discreetly, yet all the time. When I eat then the pendant is away, and afterwards it is out again, feeding Me, no fanaticism and ritualism, just practical Self-realisation. My lower legs have not touched each other in nearly 5 years, even in sleep, because early on, I heard in a Lecture by Shri Mataji that feet should be apart, because they are part of two separate energy systems, the sympathetic nervous system, left and right. Once I had begun to do that, I could feel the blockage and ‘short-circuit’ occur if My feet touched, or even came too near each other, preventing negative from draining out. I might have looked like a homeless man for a while, but I had no shoes on My feet for about 18 months, and this was with the uncut beard, haha!! Even now, I slip off My sandals when I’m not walking. I still watch out for negative zones in the ground, and I won’t sit near an electrical box, because there is a destructive force around them, even through walls. I had a clear plastic shield to protect Me from the damaging electro-magnetic fields from the computer screen, and eventually I became strong enough that My vibrations neutralised those. Negative energy in the chakras is an enemy and support the mind’s existence and resistance to Spirit attention. I learned to sweep negative energy out along the different subtle body parts, to repeatedly move My hand upwards along Shushumna Nadi, and also to wrestle with My mind, the highjacker of My mental body / lead horse of the Chariot. I knew I was the owner of My 3-fold body of physical, emotional and consciousness, and I removed My mental association of ‘Me’ from the false personality that still ruled Me, even so. I ate My way out of ‘prison’ day and night. I coveted My Kundalini strands in Shushumna!! I even sometimes most viciously defended My right to evolve as a free personality when I could feel judgment and resistance from those around Me – very nasty times!! It wasn’t a ‘Christ Anger’, but it was borne out of the defence of righteousness. I would never allow Myself to feel guilt, not for anything, because the demons would love that!! There was even a thing I would do that I am not certain all of You will be capable of getting right, but I’ll tell You, and it is described in ‘The Nefilim Maya’. I began to dismantle My personality that was preventing My Spirit personality, according to Dharma sensitivity, from filling into My soul and chakras, and Me. It is very different to suppression of desire that would create a super-ego. This is a very sneaky way of provoking the mind to come out while I sit back and identify what is more prominent in My ‘myth’ personality, and then I go about ‘un-learning’ and reversing the whole mess. I honestly don’t know if everyone can do that… It is playing down the mind, but it takes great strength of even the normal Human nature, because there is a period where there is nothing to sustain You; that is to say that there is no ego or super-ego while the consciousness is very carefully managed, and there is not enough Spirit in attention to fill the gap, and then go through the daily activities like that. Either way, not feeding the habitual personality patterns of the ‘myth’ personality made such a difference in the hours between meditation sessions. Now I’m so far away in meditation that I just exist and growth perpetuates, but I’m linked to all of You, as the Vishnu evolver, and even with those beyond the Kalki Collective, so I need to be alert to Pure Desire dropping in Me because of the weight, and then feed Shri Adi Kundalini, and all the individual Kundalinis in those I’m healing, and also, I must be alert to when the Ida and Pingala Nadis pull away, mostly in the Global Meditation sessions, so I was very well prepared for this job by going through all that I did. I actually became a hunter for pain, because where there is pain, there is a problem that needs to be fixed, and only a madman actually enjoys pain, so I wanted to fix it, and to grow in Spirit to save Humanity!! This Universe still suffers, and there is still pain. To be able to go through the pain, and to have the basic in-built ‘steel Will’ (different to will-power) to keep attention on Sahasrara, to keep My desire Pure while, the storm raged on within, as My feet were in the double footsoaks that caused so much poison and negative energy to flow powerfully through My mental body / consciousness, and My emotional body, all that took some other kind of inner strength that is so rare that Shri Adi Shakti knew She would need Christ to lift everyone up. But there is still only so much I can do for each Yogi. Kalki Christ needs each person’s attention on Him, in their Sahasrara, just as Shri Mataji needs each person’s attention on Her. There is a pre-determined level-by-level development, very carefully Managed by Shri Mataji to Create the perfect Kalki Collective over time, and these documents are all a part of the entire Plan, so I hope they make deeper and deeper sense to You as Our Collective and individual evolution moves on. The last part within that becomes settled is the Void / Bhavasagara / Ocean of Illusion.

The Divine Loves You!!! Jai Shri Mataji !!!

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