The Yogi Mechanism II

The Yogi Mechanism II

Jai Shri Mataji !!!

20 August 2008

This document is written by the Christ / Shri Kalki Incarnation Who works mainly behind the scenes before the Revelation 12 “birth” occurs and My transformation reaches first stage completion. The final stage will be complete when all of the sweeter, more balanced, calmer people in Humanity have been lifted up in deep meditation, 2013.
This document has quotes from the Bible, and no other source, and is not infringing on any copywrite protected material.

I was glad to feel the difference in the Collective after the initial document of this title was written, and then also, once the document, ‘Your Father’ was written, there was an increase in weight on My chakras, followed by a lighter weight overall, meaning that You were becoming more balanced and stable; only an initial process, however. The way the documents about the ‘Yogi mechanism’ are written is different from others that I’ve written, and different from Shri Mataji’s Lectures, in that here I simply tell You how I achieved deep meditation, as opposed to general instruction of methods. On one hand, Shri Mataji mentions how it’s important to know that She is talking to ‘you’, the individual, not some other ‘scenario person’ that allows the sneaky mind to slip out of hearing, and the attention drifts away, the Yogis subliminally fail to identify with being spoken to, being taught. I’ve used things like underlined and bold words, I’ve moaned, and I’ve encouraged, and all of it is with Love. You amaze Me at how You simply remain by My side, and I thank You all so much for Your endless loyalty!! Shri Mataji made certain She selected the perfect people to follow Me through the final stage of Humanity’s Spiritual evolution!! But also, I’m not surprised at how faithful and loyal You all are since We grown to know and love each other. We’re at the point where one year ago only a few knew Me, and now We are many, and We feel very comfortable, and I’ve seen how there is so much communication between each of Our precious family members!! I also sense the unity in a conscious way, holistically, yet not in perfect clarity for Me yet. I know how You all will eventually feel each other this way too, and far more than this. It’s so wonderful to sense and know all of Us, in this real and existing entity that We are now!! We are becoming One Love, and I have no words capable of explaining My gratitude and love to You all!!!

It seems as though this type of educating has a way of placing You as Your own masters, that You see how it’s done through example, not merely reading an instruction. There is so much I can tell You still, and I enjoy Your comments, and also what You don’t understand about things. A good guru creates people who are free. As much as I am Love and Forgiveness, I’m also ‘freedom’, and I keep pushing all people towards the freedom of choice before them, and this is so that the best aspect of a person who is being made into a guru, themselves, is brought to the forefront, over and over. This aspect is the ability to know Your own real development. To compare Your ever more refined state to descriptions of the ideal state spoken by other people will only work up to a certain point. You need to become sensitive to Your innate Dharma. Shri Mataji describes Dharma as being the nature of a Human, not the fallen Human, but the Divine Designed nature, sustained and manifested by Shri Vishnu in each person’s Void / Bhavasagara. You all know about the 10 valancies, righteousness, and so on. There is a mechanism within You that will draw You towards the ultimate state, and I have all My life been aware of this ideal, since childhood. I’ve always automatically returned to a balance after having consciously driven Myself down various paths in life. I was completely aware of that when I was going against Dharma, and I’ve used that same sensitivity to consciously absorb Myself into that comfort of becoming what My Dharma demands that I become. Perhaps by seeing how I’ve explained this point, You also will quietly feel Your Dharma drawing You in, and then You’ll want to satisfy that so much that all else pales in comparison to what ‘Dharma satisfaction’ brings within. Now You understand that it’s Your own Dharma to which You compare Your level of Self-realisation, not the mental framework that is definitely essential for the lower consciousness, yet has it’s purpose only up to a certain point of Yogi development.

There was a point where I realised that I was actually afraid to go into Sahasrara – to ‘let go’. I had to reason with Myself that this was an impasse, and that whatever had to be done, just had to be done. And I decided that I would let go in small bits at a time, see how I felt, and this way I was realistically letting go, and in so doing, I was abandoning My dependency upon the lower self. That highly precise stage of development was the turning point for Me. This occurred in about November 2007. Since mid September, after reading Shri Mataji’s Sahasrara Messages, those that were available, and that spoke of ‘jumping into Sahasrara’, I found Myself both surrounded by a warmth, and then losing that state, over and over throughout the day, and eventually I had managed to scrape together enough sensitivity to My Dharma that I knew I wasn’t ‘letting go’. So I would say that, in one regard, the most useful thing in a Yogi’s ascent is the ability to feel Yourself. In another more fundamental regard, to have a natural gravitation towards a balanced nature and manner of existing, is what will serve as the foundations, that You will easily slip into the Dharmic way of life, and Your attention will not be so drawn apart. You become independent in this demon-infested world only in small, yet real pieces at a time. I think that the best way to give You Yourselves is to let You to be aware of this point. That a balanced nature and tendency is the basis. Rather than so much withdrawing Your interest away from the world outside of Yourself, the way to go is to direct Your interest inwards. It’s not a selfish thing to do, not like a non-realised person would end up being self-centred, because You actually have somewhere to go now. Also, in the previous stage of Sahaja Yoga, I had not opened up the way, so perhaps You found that ego grew when You tried to direct Your interest to Yourself, primarily. You only need to click inside Your head that this might be one of the reasons that You fear to go within, because self-centredness is against Dharma. Now You can consciously free Your hearts, and by becoming a Power that is directed inwardly, attention pointed inwards first, You can provide so much more for those You care about. So that is not being selfish at all. Only now can this all work out practically, because I am active in Your Sahasrara chakras, and now the ‘Incarnation Pair’ can complete the process in the pioneers of Humanity’s final evolution.

Realistically, and in honesty to Yourselves, consider that You are seeing how to let go, and also to become sensitive to Your Dharma, while also being satisfied with enjoying a sensible, balanced nature. No ‘wild happiness’, ‘tears of joy’, ‘great love’ that actually seeks gratitude for its giving, and no wallowing in sadness, guilt and self-pity. The process of asking Your Kundalini to work things out in You is absolutely essential, many times a day, before falling asleep, and shrugging off the memory of bad dreams that She needed to pass through Your consciousness to sever chains from Spirit.

It is literally a case of ‘don’t ask – don’t get…’ And in the meditation sessions, She needs the most re-enforced conditions of silence to be able to cause spiritual growth in You. The only way the silence was even reached is because You took the position of Your own Self. You identified with that Self, not tried to ‘un-identify’ with the mind. Certainly, to ignore the pulling and tugging of desires, emotions needing mundane satisfaction, mental concepts and opinions demanding to be taken seriously by ‘You’, all of that being ignored in favour of a now realistically available Sahasrara existence, deep meditation and detachment, is how to achieve a settled ‘balance of Being’. Once the balance is stable, the desires and emotions won’t steal Your attention and Desire for Spirit, and then a certain momentum of attention can develop. Once You’ve got the momentum up and running, You’re home free!!!!! Really, that’s it!!! Because by the time You have managed to develop the momentum of attention inwardly, upwardly, in the depths of work, or in whatever You need to do in Your daily lives, then You would know how to manage Your attention, and to reach that point, You must take little bits at a time that are realistic and honest.

Now here is a very sweet thing… When You are raising the Kundalini of another person, or many people, You cannot help but become silently aware for that time, and that is something that Shri Adi Shakti included in the Human design!!! By maintaining extended periods of healing of others weaker than Yourself, You cannot help but grow, because spiritual growth occurs during the silence of mind. I am permanently lifting others up, and have been doing so, 24 hours a day, since later 2007, and I’ve achieved this most solid state because of that… The physical and emotional pain that results when healing others is why God, Shri Mataji and I needed strong people, facing Their freedom of choice and facing Themselves.

I Love You all !!! Jai Shri Mataji !!!

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